Requesting Quotes on Yelp

September 27, 2017
Mike Dolpies

Most of my readers are gonna love this one.

That’s because over-time I have gotten the most emotionally-charged responses despising YELP.

Let’s assume you know what Yelp is and does.

Here’s some of what I have heard …

“I tried Yelp’s advertising. It is too expensive and doesn’t work!”

I have talked about this before… in a sense that Yelp’s ads are over-priced based on the amount of users they have.

“Yelp’s salespeople over-promise!”

I guess so. But, it’s also up to you to do your due diligence. If someone is making you crazy promises, most of the time, they are exactly… that… “cra-cra!”

“Yelp hides good reviews and only shows the bad ones because I won’t buy their advertising!”

 Hmm… this can’t be proven. BUT… Yelp’s algorithm is based on showing what it deems to be legit reviews from people who have done business with you. If you have your mom, sister and uncle review your business Yelp may not show those reviews.

Yelp is starting to go harder into local businesses beyond restaurants. Yelp has always had all types of businesses. But Yelp’s new… “Request a Quote” function targets local services.

Yelp users can request requotes and Yelp will send them to ten or more businesses that might be able to help.

Good and Bad… I guess.

Good because it can be another source of lead-flow if you play your Yelp cards right. Bad… because you’re being put out there with nine competitors.

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