Important Review Systems for Your Online Marketing

July 03, 2013
Mike Dolpies

This is still not widely known.

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And it’s interesting because all things being equal a local business with more “reviews” gets better treatment from Google.

Yuuup – even if there are a few negative reviews too.

Actually – studies show a few negative reviews make the positive reviews more believable.

But of course – Positive reviews are preferred!

So the question becomes…

“How can we get more positive reviews?”

It used be simple.

Before the days of “reviews” you can ask for or just be lucky enough to get a nice testimonial from someone and then add it to your website.

But now you have to get the testimonial – yes – but then you have to convince them to also leave it in the form of an official review.

And then there’s all these “review engines!”

Google, Yelp, Facebook and the list goes on.

It can be a pain so you have to make it simple.

Here’s an idea…

First: If you get a compliment from someone use that as a chance to “write it for them.” Just summarize their words and send it to them via email. Get their approval.

Now – you can use the testimonial for your site.

BUT – you can not do a review for them.

So – once they agree and “give” you the testimonial you then have to “ask them for one more favor.”

“I appreciate it very much, can you do me a favor and also leave this comment as a review? It really helps us on the internet if we have some good reviews. OH and we make it easy. Just go to our site and look for this little box that says… “Leave Feedback” and you can choose your favorite review spot. We appreciate it very much!”

Then you send them the link to your site and you’ll be one step closer to getting the review.

The question is do you have this built into your site?

99% of our 48 Point Check Ups show this important “review engine” to be missing.

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