Common Goolge Adwords Mistake

January 15, 2012
Mike Dolpies

For both my internal projects and for clients I’ve been doing a lot of work lately with Google Adwords.

In case your first name is Clue and your last name is Less Google Adwords is simply buying traffic (clicks) on Google. They are the “sponsored” links that show up on the right of Google. Ads can show up on top some times too.

Clients sometimes ask me: “Mike, can you take a look at my Adwords account?”

Most of the time my reply is… “sure thing.”

When I take a look I see some common mistakes. One of them is…

Only sending the clicks to your home page.

Here’s what happens…

Wet behind the ears at Adwords they’ll slap a campaign or two together. And what they’ll do is make the “destination URL” (that’s the page you want your clicks to go to) be their home page.

Big Mistake!

Not good for your prospects and it makes the Google Gods angry,

Let’s break it down. (“Hammer Time”)

The rookie wants to buy Google ranking for one of their services. They get the keywords and phrases for it. But then they send the traffic to their home page where it says something like… “Welcome, we’ve got all these great things for everyone and yada yada yada.”

Not Good,

The campaign needs to go to the specific page on their site for that service.

Then, you divide and conquer from there. (Moo Ha Ha!)

Are you also doing Adwords mobile? That’s where you dominate the searches on “Mobile devices.” You should be!

Bottom line…

The internet and the mobile world are always changing. Sometimes it makes sense to get some help to navigate all the changes.




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