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“Discover How to Get Fresh, Relevant & Original Content Added to Your Website Every Week WITHOUT Writing”

  • You’ll gain “SEO Traction & Dominance”
  • Google and Bing will Love Your website
  • You’ll Outsmart Your Competition

From Mike Dolpies (AKA: Mike D.)
Dear Fellow Business Owner,

Content Marketing is a Big Deal.content marketing new hampshire
It’s Time For You to Get In The Content Marketing Game. Content marketing is any marketing that involves the creation and sharing of media to acquire customers. Content Marketing can be text, video and graphics.Content Marketing can be presented in the form of news, how-tos, articles, industry trends, updates happening in your business and tips for prospects, clients and customers. Content Marketing is not about selling  – it’s about communicating.

The problem is you don’t have time to do it. As you are running your business you don’t have time to stop, sit down, open your laptop and pound away at your keyboard. You don’t have time go and “post” stuff to your website. The truth is you shouldn’t be writing. You need to focus on business. But, you still need Content Marketing in order to give your prospects what they want. You still must have a constant flow of information going to your website. It’s how you stand out in today’s connected world. We’re here to help you.

Here’s Our Solution… It’s Really Simple…
You Can Make Content Marketing Work For Your Business.
If You Can Leave a Voicemail… You can get in the Content Marketing game.

How it works…

internet marketing new hampshireFirst: We set up your Website for Your Powerful Content Marketing Strategy.
There are Secrets to Making Sure Google and Bing Will Love Your Content and Most Importantly… See Your Content. We handle this by making sure each new piece of content is seen by Google and Bing quickly.

mobile marketing new hampshireSecond: We Set Up Your Special Content Marketing Private Hotline.
You’ll have a private number to call to get us your content.

search engine optimization new hampshire
Third: We Make it Easy for You.
We send you reminder emails each week prompting you. Then, you just pick up the phone call in.
Your Content is up on Your Website in 24 Hours. No writing on your part. If you can talk on the phone you can be in the content marketing game.

Frequently Asked Questions About our Done for You Content Marketing Service…

Question: How often will you post these Content Marketing updates?
Answer: This service covers 4 content marketing updates per month. On average once per week.

Question: If I don’t have a content marketing area already set up as part of my website how would it work?
Answer: To make this effective it is absolutely imperative that your website be set up correctly. We CAN Handle This For You! Our set up process and the fee associated with it will depend on two things…1)Do you have a content delivery and update function on your website currently? If not we will have to install one.
2)If you have one – is it set up correctly? If not, we will have to set it up correctly.
While this service is pretty simple – the set up fee and work to get you up and running will vary depending on your situation. We will determine a fair set up investment for you when we speak.

Question: Why is content marketing beneficial for my “Search Engine Optimization?”
Answer: Each new piece of content adds depth and credibility to your website. ( when done right!) This content creates additional pages on your website. Search engines will then view your site as more relevant source of information.
Then, we take each piece of content and make sure it becomes indexed quickly by Google and Bing.

Question: Where does the content come from?
Answer: The content must be unique to your business and only your business. Therefor our system does not rely on 3rd party sources to get you content. Our system helps you in the creation and then then  handles 100% of the execution process.

“Let’s Talk About Your Content Marketing Goals and Ambitions.”

Drop us a line…
888-500-2365 X 20 or email “Mike @ “