Your FastLane to Recovery and Success...

Now is the Time to Improve Your Online Presence

Get Your Web Presence Redesigned/tuned up and your seo on-point.

Plus... Top-Notch ongoing services including...

Website Changes & Updates,
SEO Enhancements & Detailed Traffic Reporting... AND MUCH MORE!

"Get the Help You Need to Promote Your Business in a Digital World."

simple 2-step Solution is your budget-friendly secret to marketing in un-certain times.

Step 1: A Website Rebuild/Tune-Up: In the first step of the process we'll rebuild (if needed) or tune up your website and make it a highl-effective marketing tool. 

Step2: SEO. During the SEO Phase we'll enhance your online presence with quality listings and back-links. On a regular basis we'll submit your website to Google/Bing/Duck-Duck-Go, etc and keep it relevant, while keeping an eye on the competition. Regular reporting and accountability keeps you highly-informed about evetything!

Never be "in the dark" again.

Too many businesses are left in the dark when it comes to what is happening with their web presence.
Often times, this lack of information causes them to make poor marketing choices or worse, no choices at all.

Our "Online Marketing Fast-Lane" is the Solution.

Over the years we have worked on numerous Websites, SEO and Online Marketing Projects.

Our Fast-Lane service takes our years of experience maintaining websites, top-level hosting & SEO skills and allows your business to profit from them.

This plan is perfect for...

Small to Medium Sized Businesses who want to maintain a solid web presence, have a helping hand when needed, but want to do this on a shoe-string budget.

What You Get…

Website Intelligence and Data Reporting:

We have spent years learning and implementing Analytics for ourselves and clients. Our custom-analytics reports will show you traffic count, unique visitors, conversion rates, bounce rates, where your traffic is coming from and so much more. With this data you can make educated marketing decisions.

You’ll NEVER be in the dark again when it comes to your online presence. You’ll always know EXACTLY what’s working and what isn’t.

SEO Maintenance & Reporting:

SEO Maintenance & Reporting are perfect for keeping ahead of your competitors via Organic SEO Strategies. Keeping your listings, backlinks and website “fresh” in the eyes of Google & Bing. With these efforts also come detailed and regular SEO Ranking Reports that show you where you stand.

Website Updates & Changes:

Your web presence should be dynamic and evolving, not static and out-dated. With regular changes to offers and content pages, your site will stay active in the eyes of Google and your audience. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you have an online marketing department for a fraction of the cost of having someone “in-house.”

Get Your Business to Stand Out From the Crowd on Google with… “Google My Business" Page Management

Google Has Dramatically Improved the Functionality of “Google My Business.”

Google My Business is Google’s Local Listing Product.

It’s one of the three ways you can be found on Google.

If Your Google My Business Page is more cared for and given more attention than your competition you will win the Local Search game.

Our Google My Business Page Management Includes…

  • Regular Posts that Keep Your Page Fresh
  • Maximization and Updates of Important Info
  • Reponses to Reviews
  • Insights Interpretation/ Adjustments
  • Messaging
  • *Landing Pages
  • *Ads Management

HTTPS Hosting:

Secure Protocol Hosting is a "Must." In fact, Google is rewarding sites in search rankings that deliver over secure HTTPS encryption. Plus, your web visitors will get an added feeling of comfort doing business with you.

Landing Pages:

Landing Pages are used by savvy online marketers to drive results with higher conversions.

We’ll design and build up to 4 Landing Pages for you each year to go with specific promotions.

You can use your landing pages to easily get the word out on special deals and events.

Email Marketing:

Email Marketing has been called the "glue" of digital marketing.

Email Marketing can produce a $40 to $1 return in some cases.

We help our clients craft and deploy email marketing campaigns that get clicks and cash.

How Much?

While these services are standard for every client, each client’s needs are a little different. You can request a FREE assessment. During this 15 to 20 minute phone call, we’ll ask you a few questions to determine your level and what sort of service levels will fit you best.