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“How to Find Your Best Prospects, Customers and
Clients On The World’s Largest Social Network.”

facebook marketing new hampshireWith more than 2 Billion users and still growing Facebook is not something you should be ignoring. The truth is Facebook Marketing offers an amazing advertising and marketing opportunity for your business. You can target your ideal prospects, customers and clients. You can build a relationship and engage your current customers and clients. Facebook Marketing allows you to reach people using Geographic, Demographic, Psycho-graphic (what they like) and Social Data. There really is no other marketing platform that combines all this for an advertiser. At least nothing that compares to the relatively low (if you know what you’re doing) investment.

Our Approach…

We handle your Facebook Marketing differently from the rest.

“How we work…”

We’ll start with a No Obligation consultation to make sure Facebook Advertising and Marketing is right for your business. It’s true that Facebook Marketing/Ads are really not for every business.

We utilize the leading 3rd party Facebook ads management, optimization, split testing, and analysis tools and software (the same software used by some of the leading tech giants such as Microsoft, HubSpot, etc).

We utilize very detailed on site tracking to give you the best results, the best analysis, & the best remarketing capabilities so we can convert the maximum amount of potential customers.

Our monthly performance reporting & optimization reporting ensures transparent work so you can see exactly what we’re doing to bring you success.

Here are a few things about why Facebook is where your online ad $ need to be invested.

Facebook offers many campaign objectives, including the ability to…

Build brand awareness

Drive traffic to a website with the goal of submitting forms, placing phone calls, making purchases, etc.

Collect leads with lead generation forms that populate inside of Facebook without clients even needing to leave their newsfeed (see “Lead Generation” campaign objective in the PDF Below.)

Dynamically remarket to previous website visitors based on the specific products they viewed, via importing product feeds to FB.

Facebook offers a wide array of targeting options, including targeting via…

Customer Lists (emails or phone numbers)

Custom Remarketing Lists: Remarketing to people based on their visiting your website and their behavior while on your site.

Lookalike Audiences

Interest/Demographic/Behavioral Targeting – (based off FB being connected to 3 of the largest data providers in the country)

Facebook offers a variety of ad formats including – single image, carousel image (rotating multiple images in one ad, & video ads)

Management Fee Investment: Custom Pricing.


Recommended Budget to Facebook: (Paid Directly to Facebook) = $20 to $100+ Per Day (depending on your business). This is based on the size of your business, your objectives and your overall marketing budget.

All Facebook Marketing Support Agreements are Canceled with 30 Days Notice. You are never “locked in.” All payments made are not refundable.

Once this payment is made I will contact you within 24 hours to schedule initial work and set up our first meeting. You will also receive our “New Client Questionnaire.”

To see if Facebook Marketing via Facebook Ads is right for you fill in the form below and we’ll pencil you in for a no obligation consultation.


Download your PDF Here.