How to Spot Terrible Social Media so You Can NOT Do It

October 31, 2018
Mike Dolpies


With all the changes and shake out in the social media world…

Snapchat Crashing

Twitter… Still Barely Hanging On

The Death of Google+ (Finally)

And…  Despite Facebook’s problems… Facebook and Instagram still dominating (with some recent much-needed changes).

It’s a good time to poke fun at businesses still doing Social Media… Circa 2010.

Here goes. Four things…

  1. Having every social share button on your website still… especially G+!


  1. #Hashtag to #everything. Social Media amateurs drench their post in hashtags for who knows why… beyond thinking someone will search the tag and find them.    It looks so bad when they’re over-used.



  1. Fancy Photos: Doctoring up pictures with all sorts of things like logo, website, etc. Not needed. A good post and authentic photos… people will find your website and other contact info.


  1. Motivational Quotes: Social Media has killed the value of motivation quotes. Amateurs think by posting quotes (Totally un-related to the business) that they’ll somehow get likes and shares. Nah… the average FB user sees tons of quotes from their friends and has learned to tune them out. Because most come from the ones trying to sell them products from Multi-Level Marketing companies.


Most of this is not the fault of the business owner. More so, the “Social Media Marketing Company” they hired.

What to do?

Start with the opposite of the 4 things listed above.

Maybe even get some guidance by being part of our higher level program…

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