Bad Idea to Outsource This Aspect of Social Media Marketing

May 28, 2012
Mike Dolpies

Let me come right out and say it…

“It’s a bad idea to outsource social media.”

Of course that’s a broad statement that covers a lot of ground.

After all –

Social Media includes…


Your Facebook Business Page

Your LinkedIn Profile



I’ll stop there – but you get the idea.

Here’s where owners go wrong.

They define social media mainly as “posting content.”

So they look for someone (in house or outsourced) to “post updates” for them.

We’ll get back to why this “posting updates” thing is a bad idea in a second.

But first…

The fact is social media is so much more than posting content.

It’s first having a clear picture of why you are even playing in the space.

What are your objectives?

What do you want those “followers” to do?

How will use ads (like Facebook Ads) as part of your strategy?

These are a few questions to ponder.

So back to the task at hand – why is “outsourcing” a bad idea?

You should realize that not all aspects of social media could or should be outsourced.

For example – I manage Facebook Ads campaigns for a few clients. I manage the targeting – the messaging of the ad and the landing pages. But I am clear from the start that “I do not post status updates.”

Yes – on occasion – I do violate my policy when I can’t help it. Or when I need a good status update as part of a test.

The occasional post is one thing.

But the trusting of someone or some entity to be your voice on social media is a mistake.


They are not close to your business.

It is not possible for them to know what to say and when to say it.

They can not spot the opportunities that pop up each day and can make great content.

Chances are they can’t respond to comments from fans.

If your business is visual there is no way they’re able to take the photos that will engage your fans.

Should I continue?

Here’s what to do…

Don’t outsource this! I have seen my share of boring quotes posted by “social media management firms.” The result – “crickets!”

Narrow down the one area of social media you must do…

And that’s be responsible for spotting and posting ideas and content to your followers and then responding to them.

You can find “coaches” (yes) and consultants to help you. (yes)

You can find great folks to help you reach more of your best prospects with social media advertising.

But no “outsider” is close enough to your business to be in charge of those messages that represent you in the market place.

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