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The first step is to determine your SEO/Internet Marketing goals.

Which services do you want to be found for? Which keywords and phrases are important to you? Based upon your goals and needs, we will develop a customized SEO/Internet Marketing strategy for your business.

We won’t try to “sell you” different “levels” of services because we want to give you a complete strategy. Strategies vary from business to business depending on what benchmarks your business has and what the goals, needs, objectives, current competition and budget are.

The Biggest mistake a business can make is leaving their internet marketing “to chance.” Worse than leaving it to chance is “trying to do it all yourself..Worse yet… trusting it to “amateurs.”


Every SEO strategy starts with initial research and benchmark reports which will be generated at the start of all campaigns. Accountability and realistic expectations will be clearly set. search engine optimization new hampshireBenchmark reports will include Ranking and Competitive Reports as well as a Local Health Report if the business desires a local presence.

  1. Keyword report: this is run in order for us to establish the best keywords to target initially. Among the elements we are looking at are keyword traffic and current competition.
  2. Ranking Report: once the target keywords are established, a ranking report is run to see how the client’s website is ranking for these keywords.
  3. Competitor’s Report: in order to “bump” a competitor and take his/her place on the first page of Google we need to know what they are targeting and how they are getting to the first page. This will help us strategize how we are going to “compete” for that spot.


We will tweak and optimize your website so as to achieve the highest ranking possible for the keywords that users on major search engines are querying.


  1. On-site Optimization – website will be reviewed for any on-site optimization fixes such as unique title pages, meta description, image alt inclusion, internal linking, social media incorporation, keyword targeting and density on pages to be optimized, etc.
  2. seo new hampshireSite Structure Optimization – website platform will be analyzed to see if it is the best search engine vehicle for the site. Items like page speed will be analyzed and search engine friendly protocols.
  3. Build Review Infrastructure: links to review sites like Google+ and Yelp will be added so customers can access these easily to enter reviews of the site. The more review sites you are listed in the more visibility you will have with future customers and the more credibility with the search engines. Nowadays, people search online at what others are saying about a business before making a decision on which one to select.
  4. Sitemap Creation and Submission: this enables Google to follow your pages more easily and to “crawl” your site beyond the home page.
  5. Webmaster Tool Setup: this tool is used to monitor search terms that your site is coming up for. This is great information that helps enhance targeting keywords and pages that are more often visited by your users. It also alerts us of any possible issues with your site that will prevent it from being looked at favorable by Google among other tools that it offers.
  6. Google Analytics Setup: this is setup to extract in-depth reporting on traffic source, traffic flow, popular pages, search terms being used and a variety of other useful metrics. Once a month you will receive a simplified report with the most salient metrics for your site.Basic plan covers a basic Google Analytics setup. The more advanced plan covers User Funnel creation, Goals and A/B and multivariate testing. Funnels are an excellent way to follow a desired path you want the user to follow and obtaining metrics of the percentage of users lost at each step.Goals allow you to see the conversion of actions you want the users to follow. A/B and multivariate testing allow you to test different pages and even different parts of a web page to see which one has more success with users.


Throughout time and with all the different Google updates many elements of SEO have changed, but one thing remains constant and that is the importance of a solid foundation of the basic SEO principles. A more advanced SEO campaign will not be successful unless it is built upon a solid foundation.


directory submissions new hampshireWHAT:
On-going directory submission to boost your online presence. Click here to find out why directory submission and citations are crucial to your SEM strategy.
Basic – 2 on-going directory submissions – Advanced – 4 on-going directory submissions

  1. Develop a list of directories we will be submitting to throughout the SEO/Internet Marketing campaign. This list will be extracted from the initial benchmark reports.
  2. “Clean Up/Enhance” 4 major directory listings.
  3. Beginning of month 2 – manually submit optimized listings to additional directories.
  4. On-going – the basic plan will include 2 optimized submissions per month. Advanced plan will include 4 submissions per month.


  1. Increased online visibility
  2. Creation of inbound or back links from authority sites – the higher the quality of the link, the more it will influence your ranking.


  1. Quantity and quality of inbound or back links will improve website rank
  2. Ability to be found by internet users


Local SEO is designed mainly for brick and mortar businesses or online businesses targeting a specific geographical area. The goal here is to not only rank organically on the first page of Google, but also to rank in the Places section of the first page results.

  1. mobile web design new hampshireRun a NAP report (business name-address-phone + website) to ensure all business listings are in sync. When all your listings are in sync you have a greater chance to rank on the top of Google local. If not in sync do a “clean up” and get everything in order.
  2. Ensure Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yelp listings are in sync. And combine Google + Local and Google Plus Business Page in order to get maximum benefit from a Google presence.
  3. Local Directory Submissions – as we mentioned above the basic plan includes 2 per month and the advanced plan includes 4. These are quality back-links to your website that will improve rank in organic as well as local positions.
  4. Local Citations Submissions – thee are mentions of your business name with other parts of business information such as address, phone number, website and any combination thereof. Citations are important for ranking in Google’s local search results. The more quality citations you have, the better your ranking.
  5. Creation of review infrastructure – an area on the website where customers can leave reviews easily. The amount and variety of review sites your business is cited on increases local ranking. This is also a great tool for undecided customers to be steered to your direction if plenty of positive reviews are available.

CONTENT MARKETING PLATFORMweb design new hampshire

WHAT: We will add quality new, fresh and original content to your site regularly. (Every 15 Days)

WHY: Oftentimes websites can become static, with some not being updated for years. Having a content marketing platform such as a blog or a news section, that is updated regularly and optimized like the rest of the website will keep the website fresh, current and ranking high. Each blog post or news piece will be considered a separate additional web site page that can be indexed and ranked by the search engines.

RESULTS: The more often your website is updated, the more frequent visits it will receive from the search engines giving it a better chance to be considered on the top of search results for the desired keywords.

After the latest Google updates on their search algorithms, it became very apparent that it is taking the quality and quantity of web site content very seriously. Adding quality content to the site lends it depth and credibility increasing rankings.


WHAT: Website will be reviewed from 3 different aspects: usability (customer), website performance and compliance with latest standards (search engines) and marketing effectiveness (customer).

WHY: Websites have to stay current with the trends and functions that are be used at present. The look and feel has to support that. If a website looks out of date, the initial perception is that the business is out of date. We will make suggestions on whether some small changes will do the job, or if a complete make-over is necessary.

RESULTS: A current appealing site that is in compliance with the search engine requirements and is a vehicle to attain new customers.


  1. internet marketing new hampshireMonthly reporting sent to you, which will be comprised of the most important elements to gauge website success: traffic, traffic source, successful search terms, mobile engagement, social media engagement, etc. This information will help you make more informed marketing decisions.
  2. Quarterly phone consultation to go over website progress and expand on objectives according to new results. This will help expand website online visibility to additional targeted websites, submissions, etc. and will measure progress compared to goals.
  3. List of directory submissions will be covered. You will be able to see how your directory/local presence has increased and how it has positively affected your ranking.
  4. Submissions to directories and local citation sources will be made as described above.
  5. Keywords that are being targeted will be tracked monthly and based on the ranking results, tweaks and changes and suggestions will be made in order to further improve ranking. These results will be discussed and new goals set every quarter.
  6. Traffic report will be analyzed to determine the increase in traffic to the site. Suggestions will be made depending on the result of these reports.
  7. Basic enhancements and internet marketing help. You won’t have to pay $100.00 of dollars each time you need some “web work” done. (See terms of service for details).

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