Tips for getting better words on your website

December 26, 2011
Mike Dolpies

No matter how good your images are. No matter how flashy and “professional” your videos are. The truth remains – words will always be the “base” of your website.

Even if the internet becomes totally image a video driven in the future (which I doubt! Did the invention of the TV get rid of books?) words will still be important. After all, the script is written before the camera rolls!

Plus, search engines demand text.

The problem.

Most people have trouble writing.

And it’s not even trouble with “writing” that is the issue. It’s more a problem of “expression.” Knowing it’s not what you say but how you say it that matters.

Interesting how most small business owners who don’t embrace social media blame “not knowing what to say” as their number one road block. This same challenge also hurts their web marketing overall.

Here are a few ideas to help you get your marketing message done.

  1. Start: If you don’t begin crafting your message you’ll never get it done. Sounds simple, but most good content does not get produced because someone keeps putting off the task.
  2. If you’re not going to start – find someone who will. You can hire a professional “copywriter” to help you express your marketing message. Just know this won’t be cheap and should not be cheap. If the copywriter has to originate content for you – it’s not easy and he/she will charge accordingly.
  3. Speak if you don’t want to write: Although I don’t use this method myself – I do like it and recommend it to clients on occasion. What you do is simply record your marketing message. After which you have a couple of options: You can have it transcribed. Or, you can give the recording to your copywriter and he/she can craft your message from the recording.

Those three ideas should get you going. One key point to remember in all of this is you have to speak in benefits. You must put yourself in the shoes of your ideal prospect and craft your message in a way that gets through to them.

Knowing your market it key. Checking your ego at the door helps too. Focus on the main question: “What’s in it for them?”

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