Yelp Complaints from Small Business Owners

January 20, 2014
Mike Dolpies

Yelpers in More Troubles

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I heard some disturbing news about Yelp the other day.

Before I get to it…

(In my own words) – Yelp is…

A review destination.

If I am correct Yelp originally started to gain traction in the restaurant industry.

Users or “Yelpers” can set up a profile and leave reviews on businesses they have been to.

Yelp covers everything now… not just restaurants.

Its directory listing is no charge.

In fact – when we do local SEO campaigns we always use Yelp.

When you take them up on their complimentary listing you do end up in their sales funnel.

They also (of course) have paid ad programs.

The short of it…

The Ads will give your Yelp listing a few more bells and whistles.

I am not a Yelp Ads expert.

When clients ask me if they should “do Yelp ads” I let them know if the numbers are right to test it out and we can always track the traffic and measure things.

But Yelp is increasingly getting itself into trouble.

There is a constant flow of complaints about their tactics.

Mainly… the obvious thing…


Yelp: So you have great reviews, huh? Well, if you don’t advertise with us we are not going to show those reviews.. In fact, we’re going to place your competitors ad above your listing.

Now – I am not saying Yelp said the above statement.

But this is the over-riding tone of each of the complaints filed against Yelp from small business owners.

The big picture…

I feel if Yelp keeps attracting this kind of attention eventually Google will stop favoring Yelp in search results.


For you…

Your business identity has to be in order.

You have to work a “review strategy.”

Have a review infrastructure tied in with your website.

I encourage my clients to really work our Google Review system.

In fact – it’s the same system that helped my wife’s two month old part-time business gather 10 reviews already…

All In Fitness G+ Reviews

We’ll be happy to take a look at your business identity as part of our 48 Point Custom Review of your Internet Marketing.

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