Promises schmomises when it comes to Facebook Ads

July 18, 2017
Mike Dolpies

Promises schmomises

Last month I got an out of the blue call from some guy.

Asking me about our Facebook Ads services.

He was fairly “forward.”

To use a dating life metaphor…

Picture a man or woman future pacing to “all of the great things” that are possible for the two of you… YET… you still have never met. Never been on one date! Scary!

During this call I kept an eye on the clock.

Not sure, how he found me, but as I dug and he revealed his hand it turned out we had a mutual client.

We built an app for this business.

The caller continued on about Facebook Ads.

At this point… I did allow “Mr. Nice Guy” to come out because I allowed the clock to run and listened to what he had to say.

I  usually do my best to keep “Mr. Nice Guy” in check.

But I have a soft spot for “mutual clients.”

Long-Winded Story… Shortened before I lose you…

It turned out this guy  (the one who called me out of the blue) was managing Facebook Ads for this business.

Among numerous problems including comingling funds… that’s when an agency or a “guy” sets up a Facebook Ads campaign but uses their own account rather than setting up an account in the name of the business.

The Big Problem…  Promises… schmomises…

He “promised” this business at least 10 leads in the first month AND…. Surprise, surprise could not deliver.

This guy asked me if I would work on the account at no charge with the ground-breaking idea… “If you do well, you will have a client for long time.

HA, sure Pal… anything you say.

By this point, my voice became annoyed and stern.

The facts…

In professional ads management… be it Facebook Ads or Google Adwords… there’s a process to kick things off.

Onboarding, Client Engagement and Answering Questions, Account Set Up, Verifications, Campaign Build Out.

All of these items require, skill, effort and time.

They require “skin in the game” from client and provider.

This explanation combined with a firm… “*U#K Off!”… is the easiest way to tell wackos like this to … “Shoe!”

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