Hamster Wheel Types

June 11, 2017
Mike Dolpies

Hamster Wheel Types

This question comes up here and there.

And when they pop up and I remember, it’s fun to blog about them.

Question 1:

We are thinking about doing Facebook Ads, how many leads can we get?


The answer that un-realistic, hamster wheel types like to hear…

“OH… you can get ten to 100 leads (or insert any crazy number) per month!”

BTW – “Hamster Wheel Types” never get anywhere and just keep asking the same silly questions over and over. Most never take any action,

The answer the un-realistic hamster wheel types need to hear, but don’t like…

It depends.

So many variables will impact your lead flow.

I’ll go on…

  • I have seen Facebook Lead Ads (were FB collects the lead) out-perform landing pages. But, I have seen more cases where a good landing page tied to a solid post, get more leads.


  • The offer. If the offer is not enticing, leads just won’t flow. Pretty simple.



  • The quality of the landing page, matched to the market.


  • Then… Let’s say a business had a 10,000 name email list or has had remarketing code on their website for the last two years, building up a solid remarketing list… Well… campaigns targeting those users will always out-perform other types of targeting.

There’s more, but leave it at that.

Most of the time, this conversation allows the hamster to keep spinning, and the real players, the real business people step up and appreciate reality.

Then, they’re ready to engage and make something happen.

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