Facebook Marketing Faucet

February 14, 2016
Mike Dolpies

I was having lunch with a sharp business woman, Cami Baker’s her name.

We met networking back in 2009 and have stayed in touch.

We were talking marketing.

The conversation moved over to Facebook Marketing.

Mainly Facebook Ads.

I was showing her some campaigns…

One of my own lead-gen campaigns.

The content… as in post … for Facebook lingo.

You need to be able to put out good content if you’re gonna succeed on Facebook.

I showed her the landing page.

Very important.

I keep harping on this over an over… savvy marketers use landing pages properly.

I showed her the “offer.”

And then, I told her a little bit about the funnel… as in the flow of what happens.

I said… “Cami… Facebook for me and some of my clients who we help with Facebook Ads… is like a faucet…  We just turn it on when we want to make shit happen.”

Then… she said…  “That’s funny… as you know, I just got back from an event in Orlando and a woman speaking there… said the same thing about Facebook being a “faucet.”

I guess great minds think alike.

But it’s true…

For our clients we combine…


Ad Budgets.

Really Sharp Landing Page Design… And I mean landing pages that cause prospects to take action.


And compelling content creation…. I am talking content that causes Facebook users to do something.

And it works across several industries…

I grabbed a couple of screen-shots to show at least… the “top of funnel.”

The part of the faucet you have to turn first.

We are taking on a few more Facebook Ads clients.

Reach out if you want me to turn on your faucet. I can turn you on.

Biggest lesson you need to drive home about Facebook Marketing though.

Facebook Ain’t Free! 98% of small businesses will see 0 results from Facebook unless they go at it with an ad budget and a strategy.

1% will get lucky here and there without an ad budget.

1% will have users speak for them… I always use the Philly Cheesesteak example… Gino’s Steaks in South Philly… an icon and a tourist destination… will always have lines around the block… Facebook or no Facebook.

But the rest of us… well… we need to go at it with an ad budget and strategy. We help our clients with strategy so they see results.

Here are just a couple examples…

facebook ads marketing


facebook ads marketing


facebook ads marketing

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