Intent Marketing and Interruption Marketing

October 28, 2016
Mike Dolpies

In the past we have hit on this.

I love it because it is so easy and so obvious.

Online… And in all marketing really…

There are two things always working…

Intent and Interruption.

Intent is when the prospect seeks you out.

They head to Google and search.

Or… perhaps they head to Google but also ask for a referral from their social network or in person.

Either way… the “intent” is there. They are looking.

SEO & Google Ads are how to capitalize here.

And obviously being well-connected and having a nice base of happy clients.

Yesterday… I got a call from a gentleman looking for help redesigning his E-Commerce site for his model train business. He was a referral from an existing client.

Then… there’s “Interruption” marketing.

When you reach someone with your marketing who was not really thinking about your type of business.

The post popular forms of interruption… over the years… have been…

TV, Newspaper, Radio, Tele-marketing, Direct Mail.

This stuff is all good… but the eyeballs have shifted.

Online and on mobile the place to capitalize on interruption is social media, content apps, videos… etc.

Facebook Ads marketing is the king of interruption.

Users go to Facebook for no reason at all really.

The ads targeting helps you reach your exact likely “suspect” and interrupt them, thus… bringing them into your world.


No matter what the business… if this goal is a little steady growth… seeing Intent and Interruption clearly and then implementing a plan and strategy to capitalize is a good idea.

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