Changing domain names

Changing domain names is something that, in most cases should be avoided.

When “remodeling” a website/ web presence it is important to keep the existing domain name.

How long a domain name has been registered and active is one of Google’s major

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Useless middlemen who think they can do it better than you and me

“Middleman Companies.”

They exist in almost every industry.

Dominated now by “new tech start-ups” these companies simply act as connectors.

Uber is obviously, the most notable “middleman.”  Getting around transportation regulations by simply “connecting” drivers and those who “want a ride.”

In other industries

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2018 was the year where things stayed the same

Happy New Year to You!

Here is to wishing your business an amazing 2019!

It seems like 2018 was the year that “not much changed.”

Sure… Alexa, Google Home and “Voice” reached critical mass.

But does voice have the widespread adoption?


I know all

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How to Spot Terrible Social Media so You Can NOT Do It

With all the changes and shake out in the social media world…
Snapchat Crashing
Twitter… Still Barely Hanging On
The Death of Google+ (Finally)
And…  Despite Facebook’s problems… Facebook and Instagram still dominating (with some recent much-needed changes).
It’s a good time to poke fun

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Google My Business Addition

Over the past twelve months I have kept our list up-to-date on the numerous changes made to Google’s… “Google My Business” Product.
The ability to add more in-depth information. All the way to (what has worked well for my other business…

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The Danger of Outsourcing Social Media to a 23 Year Old

Test “But, they’re young, they know this stuff!”
The famous last words of a business owner who did damage to their brand by assuming “young people” must know online marketing and social media.
Do you remember the sad story of James Foley?

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Fast Food Workers

This blew my mind.
I learned that Fast Food workers were protected by “No Poaching” agreements.
These agreements prevented Franchise owners from being able to entice workers to change jobs.
Recently… as with any private sector over-reach … the Government … stepped in.

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The Thermostat and The End of an Era

We had some issues with our central A/C in our townhouse/condo.
Boil it down to a poor install during construction.
It’s funny – when I saw the sticker of the company who did the install – about seven months ago… when I

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A simple approach but first about the grain industry

Before we get to this “simple approach”… a side note.
Once again…
Google Does NOT Call You!
But for years – I have had conversations with business owners who swear they “keep getting calls from Google.”
Google does not call you.
The problem…
Tons of boiler

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Here come the newspaper ad sales guys

The local newspaper ad sales guys & girls have been around for decades.
In the days when local newspapers had tons of eye-balls looking at them, the salespeople would show up, tell you how many readers they had, tell you all

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