Fast Food Workers

July 17, 2018
Mike Dolpies

This blew my mind.

I learned that Fast Food workers were protected by “No Poaching” agreements.

These agreements prevented Franchise owners from being able to entice workers to change jobs.

Recently… as with any private sector over-reach … the Government … stepped in.

The argument was simple. These agreements put downward pressure on wages.

News to me.

I thought only Apple and Google got in trouble for these things.

Hmm… what protections do us small business owners have?


Non-compete agreements are generally hard to enforce.

And I doubt we are able to strike up non-poach agreements with each other to protect employees.

It’s certainly the most expensive thing… to train employees.

I’m no HR expert, so good luck is all I can say on this one.

Certainly… this is the reason why small business use outside vendors for as many things as possible.

Online marketing being one of them.

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