The Thermostat and The End of an Era

June 18, 2018
Mike Dolpies

We had some issues with our central A/C in our townhouse/condo.

Boil it down to a poor install during construction.

It’s funny – when I saw the sticker of the company who did the install – about seven months ago… when I moved in…  I said..   UH-OH.

Well – I was right.  Things were “half-ass” on a few levels!

We got it fixed…

But the thermostat was so whacked.

The thermostat was programmable and just kept resetting itself to 78 degrees, no matter what we did.

So we swapped to a very simple thermostat that just goes up and down.

Now… just like my dad, I am back in control of my thermostat.

I like simple.

Now… onto the end of an era and some simple tips for you.


I am no longer accepting Facebook Ads clients.

No more – managing budgets and placing ads.

I found – over the years – that most clients would not hold their end of what it takes to be successful on Facebook.

The best part about beating the dead-horse is when you stop beating it.

Now – I only consult on it – that’s all. I will tell clients what to do – based on my 8+ years of using Facebook Ad’s successfully… but I won’t be doing it for them.

This decision was made in conjunction with the fact – that I am too busy doing Facebook Ads and Social Media for two businesses that I own/ am part of.

So here’s the simple Facebook Strategy…

Content…  Keep it flowing.  If you’re in a visual business, you need to take advantage of that. Facebook Users love good photos and videos.

And then step two.  Because nothing will happen without step two…

Promote selected posts to “People who like your page and their friends.”

Add your website link to 90% of your posts.

Use landing pages here and there for specific or seasonal promotions.

Use FB Ads to target specific users and expand your ad reach.

The headline here…

Just posting on Facebook is not enough. Additional steps are required. If you take the additional steps – good things will happen.

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