Upping Your Game and Long-term Follow Up Made Easy

November 06, 2017
Mike Dolpies

J-O-P’s want more weddins…

I was hired to speak at a Justice of The Peace group lunch gathering.
They booked me back in October and I delivered the talk yesterday.

It’s always nice to be paid a little dinero to deliver some knowledge.

The main things this group wanted to know…

“How to get more bookings for weddings.”

“How to get more phone calls to turn into meetings and eventual bookings.”

Their issue was having so many calls end up… going nowhere or… “OK, great – thanks for the info, we’ll call you back.”
We focused on two things…

1.“So what if the call does not end up in a booking for that meeting to go over options?” Who cares? Why? Because those “leads” can end up in a long-term email follow up campaign. This campaign would be super in-expensive and can run on Auto-Pilot.
So that takes care of the percentage that just will not book no matter what.

2 – Then – we focused on upping their game on the phone, so that they do get the booking. I shared with them so many subtle principles, like resisting the temptation to launch into some long-drawn out call and just focusing on getting the booking. I learned that most of the calls they get are from the future husband. It was funny when they shared with me – most of the time – this guy has ONE task and that is to fine the J-O-P. I reminded them – to talk to the “Reptile Brain” and keep it simple. They were blown away by one take-away and all jotting it down.
For you the take-ways are also two-fold…

A)Get sharper on all your interactions. It does help.

B)Have long-term follow-up in place and build a database.

The long-term email follow up is something I help my Email Marketing Mastermind Clients with.

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