Total 180 when it comes to online marketing

October 03, 2015
Mike Dolpies

Total 180 Mindset

A couple of weeks ago… a website we host was sold along with the rest of the business.

During the transition, the previous owner and the new owner were messing with some domain settings.

This caused the website to “go down.”

It was restored in a few hours.

But this little “support issue” made me realize the “total 180” mindset small business owners have about their websites and online marketing.

See… the new owner of this business, an already very successful business owner, was pissed his site was down.

He expressed…. “Hey… this is a vital part of our marketing… it CAN NOT be DOWN!”

This guy has worked hard to make online marketing an important driver of business.

And… NO … his business is not unique and there are many others in his industry who claim not to give a flyin’ falcon about their online presence. (Mostly due to ignorance or arrogance).

And that is the 180. How can it be seen so differently?

Rising… to the “top” of the to do list for some… and forever staying on the back-burner for others?

Only Dr. Phil could answer.

But it’s true…. Not all businesses really need to worry about their online presence.

I like to use Warren Buffet as an example.

His holding company, Berkshire Hathaway, has a horrible website.

But the fact is… his holding company does not do business or market via the web.

No one is “checking out” Berkshire’s site to get a feel for them. Not how business is done over there.

BUT… Businesses Buffet owns… Different Story…

Geico Insurance, Wells Fargo, DQ and many others all have a solid web presence because it’s paramount to their image and their marketing that their web presence be awesome.

If you do business like Buffet and have zero competitors – I’d agree… don’t worry much about a solid web presence.

If you’re not a billionaire… get a grip on digital marketing.

This week’s link…

How are you doing with your Facebook Marketing?

Be nice to find out … right?

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