Steve Jobs Success Secret – The Customer is Always Wrong

September 14, 2014
Mike Dolpies

Was Steve Jobs wrong about being wrong?

Last week we got a look at the iPhone 6, the iPhone 6 Plus & the Apple Watch.

It was Tim Cook’s moment to shine.

Tim Cook’s time to get out of from behind the shadow of Steve Jobs.

And there were still numerous headlines asking…

“How would Steve Jobs have handed this event?”

Many went into details about what they thought would have been different.

We’re not going to. Let’s talk about something else…

In my last book…

“Ain’t No Success Secrets, 47 Prosperity Principles Hidden in Plain Site”

I take a deep look at some of the most success people of our time and boil down their simple success strategies.

There is a section on Steve Jobs. One of his secrets was…

The customer is always wrong.

Now, Steve Jobs may have never said that. But he was known for saying…

“The customer doesn’t know what they want until we show it to them.”

What this really meant was it was up to Apple to stay ahead of its customers. To show them things so cool, they wanted to buy them, even though, they did not ask for them.

He was right about this. And the fact is… this is a good strategy any business could adapt.

It simply means… staying ahead of the game and having high levels of empathy.

Sure… Asking customers what they want is a good idea – but it will only get you so far. Most “focus groups” and “consumer surveys” are never accurate. That’s because what people say and what people do are usually different.

Steve Jobs might have been wrong about customers on one thing…

Large screen phones.

Jobs is documented as saying… “Nobody wants a phone with a large screen.”

Funny thing… Back in 2007, when the iPhone first launched, it had the largest display of any phone.

Samsung simply took a shot at larger screens and their bet paid off. Now Apple has two new large-screen phones.

At times… go with the facts. At times… go with your gut.

If your intuition tells you – your customers and clients might like something  – take a shot!

Have a great week!


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