Bounce Like Steve Jobs

May 09, 2015
Mike Dolpies

Bounce Like Steve Jobs

All serious business people, CEO’s and small biz owners should and could learn from Steve Jobs.

There’s a reason why the world is still so fascinated with him almost four years after his death.

And there’s plenty to read about Jobs.

Books written about the secrets of his presentation skills, countless articles and, according to my count, two biographies.

There’s plenty to watch too.

Just doing a Youtube search for Steve Jobs returns countless amounts of priceless business wisdom.

There have been some great documentaries about him too. Plus, I think they’re working on another movie.

“Apple Fan Boy” or not… The simple study of Steve Jobs will be educational and really fun.

I love how he used to tell it like it is and call out the people who were not living up to their potential.

Here’s a lesson that you have to dig for…

For about ten years following the time when he was booted out of Apple he was really lost.

He started NeXT Computer Company with the idea of out-doing Apple. Timing and missing the mark on a few things made it a losing venture for most its life before Apple ended up buying it in the deal that brought him back to Apple.

When he got involved with Pixar… again – there was not “overnight success.” It was hard. The company walked close to the edge many times before “Toy Story.”

For most of us… it’s hard to identity with the fact that Steve Jobs really floundered for ten years.

Unlike most small business owners he had a huge cash cushion to get him through the tough times.

Learning from his mistakes, gathering wisdom and eventually rediscovering his talent for making products that consumers love – got him back on track.

When times are tough you can bounce too.

And when times are good – you can build on the momentum if you play it cool.

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