Questions About Content Marketing Frequency Answered

July 18, 2015
Mike Dolpies

Frequency Questions… mike dolpies online marketing cyberspace to your place

Often… I’m asked.

“How frequent should we be with our content marketing?”

The question never comes out exactly like that.

The variations usually go like this…

“How often should I be posting on my Facebook Business Page?”

“How about email marketing… ??… what’s the rule?”

“What about push notices through a mobile app?… How often is too often?”

“Blogs/News” on my website… what…??… Once a month, a week?”

“OMG – so much to think about… HELP!”

Most of the time my response is… “RELAX.”

No need to get stressed out about Content Marketing

The fact you’re thinking about these questions means you’re way ahead of the game against most business owners who choose to do nothing.

Sometimes I also add… AND… depending on your business… you should be picking up the phone and making a few calls too.

So how about we use this week’s newsletter to give you the shortest answers ever to these questions?

Sound good?

Here goes…

Q:“How often should I be posting on my Facebook Business Page?”

A: Doesn’t matter… how about every day… every hour… I don’t care. Most of your “Likes” are NOT gonna see what you post anyway unless you have an ad budget and an ad strategy. Sorry!

Q: “How about email marketing… ??… what’s the rule?”

A: No rules.

You an expert at what you do?

The how about getting an email out to your prospects, customers and clients when you have something to say. Can you say something once a week? Start there. Or… depending on your business… use email to tell your peeps what’s hot this week. Think that’s too much? Fine… do it once a month… but expect them to forget about you until you show up next time.

Q: “What about push notices through a mobile app?… How often is too often?”

A: Hmmm… Sadly… there are… what?…  Like every American has a smartphone – but STILL… only about 5-7% of small business use their own mobile app to engage them… Get a mobile app first and stand with the small percentage of open-minded innovators who “get it.” Then… send a notice out every day if you want.

Q: “Blogs/News” on my website… what…??… Once a month, a week?”

A: Is stuff happening in your business? If the answer is “NO” stop reading this and go make something happen.

If nothing is happening in your business worth adding to your website every week/month/whatever… you may have bigger problems. OH… that leads to another question I am hearing…

Q: “We’re super-busy… no time to update our website with news and content… why does that matter anyway?”

A: If you are busy… get someone to help you with this. It’s called “Content Marketing.” As far as a blog/news area of a website goes. Every time we add content to your website we give Google, Bing and Yahoo a reason to come back and add the new blog to search results. Thus helping your “SEO Cause.”

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Mike Dolpies Mike Dolpies (aka Mike D.) owns “Ocean View Publishing, LLC” - a diverse media/Internet Marketing and Consulting Company. He started his first business when he was just 18 years old. By the time he was 23 that business had generated well over a Million Dollars in sales and was consistently in the top 20% of its industry. He's the Author of 6 different books. His first book, “Motion Before Motivation, The Success Secret That Never Fails,” became a bestseller on He's been a guest on the Fox Morning News several times and has been written about in many newspapers. His work has also appeared on and Fox

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