Do not starve your website

December 19, 2012
Mike Dolpies

You’re Feeding a Fat Kid and Starving Your Own Kids

Imagine something really whacky for me…

You’ve seen those commercials where the kids are starving, skinny and ready to die and need our help.

As an aside – I take a health supplement that donates a portion of each sale to charities that feed starving kids – just in case you are questioning my “right” to use this analogy.

OK – onward….

You’ve seen the commercials. Horrible stuff.

Now, in your mind – flip the situation around.

Picture a bunch of healthy, happy, well-built (some fat) people and kids who have plenty of food.

But they were pleading for your help to feed them more! More – more – more! “Feed me Seymour!”

In fact – these people had insatiable appetites– they were gluttons.

But – they demanded and expected these skinny, near-death kids feed THEM.

And guess what…

The skinny, starving children agreed.

They sacrificed their own nutritional needs to feed these “beasts.”

Did you know this scenario takes place every day?

How – you ask??

We can only hope it does not happen to actual people the way I described. Remember – I said “Imagine!”

It happens in the world of social media and internet marketing.


Well. Think about it…

Let’s just take my favorite Social Media Beast… Facebook. Facebook is my favorite because the ads system is killer and most of your prospects, customers and clients are there.

Many small businesses have Facebook Business Pages. These businesses update their pages regularly. At least (and this is the minimum) twice a week.

But guess what…

Their own website. The website that represents the core of their online marketing is starving.

Half the time it also looks bad so it is dying a slow death.

The website is starving for fresh content. For healthy doses of updates.

Content that would communicate “freshness” and relevance to their market place.

But they don’t do it. They let it sit there and rot. Starving! They can only hope their competition doesn’t read this post and get a clue.

Remember – You feeding the social media beast WITHOUT taking care of your website too (The keyword is too!) is like you being that starving kid and feeding the fat people.


With a content marketing strategy in place – you can be healthy while you feed the beast.

You’ll get much more traction.

Adding content to your website on a regular basis keeps you relevant in the eyes of potential clients and customers and every part of the online world.

Please Don’t Starve Your Website!

2 Options…

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