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January 09, 2013
Mike Dolpies

They were setting me up to be K-O’d

Seems like I got doubled jabbed on this subject.


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One right after another.

Luckily I got out of the way before the right hand cross came in and knocked me out.

Now I can counter with my own jab-cross combo.

Here’s the adventure…

I am on a conference call with discussing a mobile website project.

The subject of “easily updating the news area of the mobile site” came up.

My reply…


“We will enable easy updates using a blog!”

“Blog? OH, that’s not part of this conversation!”

Then, I am chatting with a Gal on the phone asking me about doing some “Facebook Marketing Training” for a small group and the lady says…

“I just want to learn Facebook!” I don’t want to be blogging, I don’t want to read a blog!” (and on and on).

So – I thinks it’s time for a little – clarification.

I bet that woman has read several blog posts and does not know it.


I think too many folks out there think a blog is about you pecking away at your keyboard all day.

Or maybe they think of that movie “Julie and Julia.”

Here’s the thing.

The blog is just the “mechanism.”

The blog is used to communicate news, opinion and expertise about your business.

Yes – of course – like anything – there’s a wrong way and right way to do it.

There’s a way to be strategic.

There’s a right way to set up your blog and a wrong way to set it up.

The key thing to remember is a blog is just news, ideas, your opinion and your thoughts. It’s not meant to be English-Class perfect or win any awards.

There are so many awesome things that can happen because of a good blog, but sadly, they are missed.

“What awesome things, Mike?”

Glad you asked…

For One…

Your prospects.

A blog shows you have some stuff going on. It shows your business is alive.

People are looking for information and this gives them a little to chew on.

Blogs are permanent. Not like Facebook updates that have a couple of days shelf-life if you hit a home-run. Most of the time Facebook posts are gone in a minute. Blogs live on!

If a prospect does decide to get in your world via an opt-in, regular posts can build trust and further enhance the relationship.

Then you have Google and Bing.

Google and Bing love fresh content.

Your blogs can be indexed for your keywords and phrases. And remember, they are indexed forever.

Lot’s of good stuff when it comes to blogs – So get crackin!

To make sure your blog is NOT set up WRONG or if you don’t yet have one be sure to request our 48 Point Check List…

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