Marketing Grinch

December 12, 2015
Mike Dolpies

Not doing THIS might be The Grinch.

I need to get this little public service announcement out AGAIN.

Because I see all types of businesses missing this one thing.

Missing it is stealing from yourself. Seriously. You’re your own Grinch if you miss it.

What is it?


It is not having a Facebook “Remarketing Plan” in place.

I said Facebook Remarketing.

Not Facebook Marketing.

Obviously, Facebook Remarketing ties to Facebook Marketing.

Remarketing is something we have talked about before. (but if you’re like me, things take a while to get through. Just ask my wife.)

Facebook Remarketing has two Functions:

  • Upload your email list, phone numbers or other marketing data you have on our customers, prospects or clients: This list is then cross-referenced with Facebook Users. Then, we target ads right to them. They may already know you and then… bam… you end up in their Facebook Newsfeed.


  • Website Traffic: This one is downright sad when it’s missed. Fact is, most website visitors do NOTHING at all. Their Gold-Fish like attention span kicks in and most just leave. That’s the way it is. Don’t be offended. Trump, Hillary, The Kardashians and everything else has their attention. That is why remarketing is so powerful. Web visitor comes to your site, they leave, but then you get to market to them over and over as they are putzing around on Facebook with 1.6 billion of their friends.

That’s it for now. More another time.

We’re taking a few more Facebook Ads Clients in the next month. Check out the link below to request a closer look at your Facebook Marketing. It’s a just a chat. And if we talk, remember… I am not that good of a salesman so there’s nothing to fear.

facebook marketing report

OK… see ya soon!

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