Facebook Recent Newsfeed Changes

July 12, 2015
Mike Dolpies

Facebook has once AGAIN tweaked their Newsfeed algorithm. What’s up with this change? facebook-marketing2

Here goes…

Before we get into the changes.

Here’s a question folks throw at me at times…

“Mike, why does Facebook do this so much? (Change).”

Hey… I am flattered by the question – like I got some inside scoop because I sat next to Zuck at Harvard?


Here’s the scoop…

The Facebook Newsfeed is the major piece of their puzzle.

It’s where content is discovered.

It’s where everyone’s personal newspaper, tabloid, gossip column and way to keep tabs on “friends” near and far happens.

The Newsfeed is where human-beings get to be both narcissist and voyeurs in one shot.

My quote worth your re-quote…

Facebook Newsfeed: The intersection of narcissism and voyeurism… no wonder you can’t look away.”

The newsfeed is the glue that holds a Facebook user’s attention. Of course, they’re gonna always look to improve it.

Most changes really mess with us… The business owners.

Why? Because businesses and advertisers pay the bills at Facebook, BUT Facebook has to keep the users happy and engaged in order to get and keep the ad $’s rollin.

Think of it this way. The Facebook user is the “product.” Whenever Facebook makes a change they are first considering the product they are selling… (The Users).

And in a bizzaro twist… most of the changes that come about end up sorta screwing over the advertiser. (at first)

Backwards… right?!?!

Recent changes…

  • Allowing users to prioritize their newsfeed. This means giving users more control over who they see posts from. Well… if you can get your follower/“like” to step up and tell Facebook they want to hear from you – amen. Go for it!


  • (Not related to the Newsfeed) – This change affects advertisers. Facebook will be recalculating a few things and ultimately advertisers will pay a little more. I will explain. One objective you can use for your ad campaigns is brining traffic to your website. Facebook Ads have been an amazing source of lower cost per click traffic for a while. That will change because Facebook will be charging more for those of us who want to take users off of Facebook. With this change, however, Facebook will be offering us a new product that allows for “lead-generation” inside the newsfeed. Stay tuned.

Two Bottom Lines…

  1. It is clear as it has always been – Facebook’s efforts go into keeping users on the site or in the app. That’s what they want. All changes center around keeping users hooked.
  2. The value of a Facebook “like” for a business has dropped dramatically over the last year. What this means once again is… Unless you are playing the ad game and brining a budget to Facebook you have a prayer in getting your business posts scene by your audience.  I always get a kick when a business owner tells me their ONLY online strategy is their “Facebook Page” and NOTHING else… boy oh boy… what they’re missing.

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