Call The FTC

November 10, 2014
Mike Dolpies

Call The FTC
Some of our readers know this about us and others don’t.
I’ll fill you in – just in case.
In addition to operating our Internet Marketing biz we have a couple of other things going on.
YES… the makings of a huge, huge conglomerate. Watch out Berkshire Hathaway!
Seriously… the Internet Biz… that’s a full-time passion.
It really consumes almost every moment I am awake.
We also operate a “main street” business. A fitness place with all sorts of classes and fun stuff.
Why I am telling you this?
While running the fitness thing I answer the phone.
And at times… on the other line, there is a tele-marketer.
A tele-marketer reads from a script. They are not experts at what they do. They are “actors.”
There’s no depth.
Usually… they don’t care about learning the industry they work in because they won’t be there very long.
These tele-marketers are usually “irrelevant!”
And there are telemarketers from all sorts of industries trying to sell all sorts of stuff to us small business owners.
Obviously – the ones that stick out for me are the ones in the “Internet/Web” business.
Because that’s the world I live in.
I get the calls. At times I hang on the line to hear them out.
What I hear is disturbing!
The other night I got a call from someone claiming to be a “Google Representive.”
Outright fraud! (At least she sounded like she was calling from U.S. soil.)
“Are you sitting in Mountain View, can you see, Larry Page, the CEO? Put him on!” I said.
“No… I am sorry, my company places businesses on the first page of Google and a spot opened up.”
“Really? Tell me about that?”
“Uh… Uh… Well… the last business did not qualify to keep the spot so I am calling you for this open spot!”
I was disgusted.
I told my wife.
She said… “Call the Better Business Bureau.”
I said… “Jamie, The BBB is BS.” (More on that in another post!)
“The FTC… The Federal Trade Commission. That’s who needs a call.”
I was really pissed for a couple of reasons.
To claim you work for Google is a lie!
It bothers me to think – someone sitting in a boiler room making calls thinks I am dumb.
Look… there is no system for “spots opening on Google.”
If you want to be found on Google… Check the competition.
Then, set a clear objective and with the help of a pro your business can rank.
This sort of BS also makes it harder for legit problem-solving companies like ours.
Sure… we reach out to businesses if we see some issues that can be solved. But we get to the point and see if we can help. No beating around the bush! No claiming we are from Google.
Fact is… our fitness business does just fine on Google. The site and the business rank great.
Which is problem number two with these whackos!
Aside from lying to me about who they are – they had no clue I did not need them anyway. No relevance! Unbelievable.
Anyway – that’s my rant.
Stay informed.
Stay up to date.
For some real help with any of this go to…


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