Bigger is Better for SEO with a few buts

June 17, 2017
Mike Dolpies

“If bigger were better, dinosaurs would rule the earth.”

I read that quote years ago, and like to dust it off now and then.

Bigger is better (when done right) when it comes to your SEO.

A larger website… one with more pages and content… will, most of the time, have a higher organic ranking than a smaller and slimmer website.

But it really depends.

And there are many other variables at play that will subtract or add to the larger the website.

All things being equal.

Let’s assume the biz with the larger site is solid online…

Reviews are good.

Citations are strong and correct.

The site has a solid SEO base built in.


AND IF the site is “large” it will always out-perform and rank higher than the “smaller site.”

But… there’s a lot of buts and variables here.

If the large site is filled with “junk content” meant to try to fool Google, the large site will hurt you.

If all of the pages of the large site are not frequently crawled and submitted to be re-indexed regularly they lose their value.

If the site is not updated regularly.

And so on…

Lastly…  How do you create a large site?

Naturally… any site for your business should represent all of your services. Eventually, you’ll run out of things to say about your services… that’s when…

FAQ pages, Helpful Articles and The Best One… Frequent Blog Posts… become the strategy to achieve a large website that Google loves.

For our SEO clients we post blogs regularly and re-index pages. The regular blogs help grow the site and the re-indexing keeps Google coming back.

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