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November 12, 2012
Mike Dolpies
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Often times we’re asked…

“So what’s the deal with all these Google and SEO updates?”

Let’s bring you up to speed youngin…

Panda – Feb 2011 – Targeted sites with low quality content. Panda pushed down sites with content that was not relevant or lacked “depth.”

Top Heavy – Jan 2012 – Targeted sites that had too many ads above the fold.

Note: This is not a chubby person with skinny legs. Sorry – couldn’t resist.

For most of our clients this does not apply. BUT, it does help if your site was competing with “ad supported directories” that violated the rules.

Penguin – April 2012 – Targeted overly optimized sites (aka web spam).

Basically, if you built a site to try to appeal to robots first and people second -You got slapped.

Pirate – Aug. 2012 – Targeted any site that had numerous copyright complaints against them. These are sites who take content and pass it off as their own!

Sadly, a few of our clients had sites “copied and pasted” by their competitors who tried to duplicate them. Those guys got smacked down!

EMD – Sept. 2012 – Targeted sites with exact match domains with low quality or spun content. I’ve told prospects and clients for years… “The domain does not matter much if there’s no content on it!”

They make the mistake of buying a domain that is “keyword heavy” and then forwarding it to their other site. This makes no sense. It appears Google and Bing now agree with me!

Here’s what to remember…

Original Content is KING.


We’ll be launching and accepting clients for our “Done For You Blog” program real soon.

That’s where we help build your site with more “original, quality and keyword rich content.”

Adding depth and relevance to it at the same time.

Stuff, the competition is probably not doing.

We’ll keep you posted.

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