Important Local Search Marketing SEO Updates

November 18, 2012
Mike Dolpies

2 VERY Important “SEO and Local Search” items in this post.

One is a WARNING – The other can be considered a Gift if you want.

OK – first – The WARNING…

There’s no shortage of chatter about “Local Search Marketing” and the importance of directory submissions.

But, boy oh boy – there’s so much more to it than just having tons of directory submissions.

Consider this a “Consumer Alert” –

There are “services” out there promising “submissions.” The problem with these “automated services” are…

1- The listings are often UN-claimed and not owner verified. This lowers the value of the listing. The reality is listings must be owner verified. That’s why we let our clients know to be on the look out for mail coming from varies directories so these listings can be officially claimed.

2- These services usually do not take care of any duplicate listings. Left UN-checked duplicates confuse search engines.

3- Any listings you go for must be 100% complete. A “half-done” listing doesn’t do much for you.

The reality is a good Local Search Marketing campaign does not start with “robots” and automation. It starts with clarity and thinking like a human. Listings (and there are 100’s of possibilities) must be done manually for them to be stable and help you win the SEO battle in the long-run.

Next – This is “The Gift”

As a “Google Agency” partner we help multiple clients with Google Adwords, “Pay Per Click Marketing.”

We have 16 – $100 gift cards.

Google gave us these to help our clients get started with Pay- Per Click.

Google Adwords is an awesome addition to a good Local Search Marketing program because you can achieve “page 1 dominance.” See the image below to note the “organic listing” and the adwords listing.

google adwords internet marketing web design new hampshire

Two listings on page one is a good thing!

The fact is you can be in more control of leads using Adwords than you can with Organic SEO.

One is not better than the other – but they compliment each other.

To be considered for Adwords Marketing and to see if you qualify for the gift card – check out…

 Google Adwords Marketing Service

and request a time to speak to me about it.

OK – that’s it for now.

If I don’t talk to you before hand – have a great Thanksgiving!

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