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April 23, 2012
Mike Dolpies

I’ve been selling things online since the fall of 2006. What I learned before I started and the knowledge and experience picked up in the last six years has led to my ability to carefully scrutinize the content of any website.

When we work with clients there’s always a chance we’ll frustrate them while putting them through the “content phase” of web design and development.

The content phase of building your website is nothing to be left to chance, apathy or assumption that anyone else can capture your message for you. If someone tells you they can “whip up” the text for a page on your website you should run in the other direction.

Content, wording and marketing text must come from the business owner or a key player in the organization. That does not mean you have to be perfect or nail it on the first try. It means YOU are better off providing the first version of your “website words” to your internet marketing team.

3 Ways to Get Wording…

Your internet marketing team can interview you about your products, services and business and be able to formulate a good message based on the recordings of the interview.

Another way to get good content is for you to block out thirty to sixty minutes of focused time where you type away! Yes, I know this could be agonizing to some but it is (in my humble but accurate opinion) the best way for you and your internet marketing team to come up with a winning message.

The last way is a combination of both. You can type out the answers to certain questions. I used this strategy recently to pull some really good bullet points for a client’s website. The question was… “Which pains does your market have in common and which pains do you cure for your market?” With a little massaging the answers made for some powerful words.

Whatever way you choose just remember… Absolute clarity is of extreme importance.

The common mistake I see when first evaluating a client’s text is extreme fuzziness, confusion and lack of focus. If you have decided on a page for your website that sells “service a” at no time can you mention or talk about “service b.”

The next big problem is EGO! When creating words for your website you must get your ego out of the way. Everything has to be framed as “what’s in it for the prospect.” Using platitudes to describe your business is worthless! Instead speak to your prospect and show them you empathize with them.

Since we’re on a roll… One more Mistake…

Speaking in “Industry Terms!”

Unless your market consists of prospects that are “IN” a particular industry you’d be wise to leave the technical language out.

To sum it up…

If you resist the temptation to rush and cut corners during the content creation part of your website design you’ll reap rewards with better results and more leads from your website.

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