Out-Dated SEO Assumptions that Hurt Rankings

February 14, 2018
Mike Dolpies

Out-Dated SEO Assumptions that Hurt Rankings

In conversations.

Sometimes in the form of an inquiry.

I see all sorts of erroneous assumptions about SEO.

Here are a couple from recent conversations…

“We should get a bunch domain names that have the keywords in them, right? Like, my service and the city I’m in?”

Nope… not important.

Domain names that have the “keywords” in them have not been a major ranking factor for a long-time.

Sure… maybe a savvy guy/girl grabbed a keyword-rich domain years ago and it ranks well. BUT, that’s more about the longevity of the website and domain, rather than the domain name/address.

“I hear I need ‘back-links’… can we set up a bunch of small one-page websites and link back to my main website?”

Na… not if you’re working with me!

Years ago Google penalized “link-farms.”

These were websites meant only to create links pointing back to websites that wanted to try to “game the system.”

Eventually…. Google threw the link-farms out and penalize every business who tried this.

Links are only relevant and have impact on your rankings if they come from high-page rank directories and authority websites.

Whatever your Search Ambitions are… The first thing to do is get a ranking report…


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