The Zero-Sum Game of SEO and Online Marketing

January 18, 2015
Mike Dolpies

NH Web Design - SEO CompanyWhat & Where are the starting points for this online marketing concept.

This week.


Right now… we’re floating around 50% of the small biz world with a web presence.

Yes… we talked about this before. There’s a remaining 50% STILL with no web presence.

In the next couple of years this number is going to swell about 10 to 15%.

Eventually, we’ll have 60 to 65% of small businesses represented on the web with their own web presence/website.

This will create a further glut in competition to be found online.

The problem with Google/Bing/Yahoo is the first page of each search engine is a zero-sum game.

Someone has to win and someone has to lose.

When doing a desk-top search for a local business you’ll end up with anywhere from ten to sixteen plus choices.

This list will be made up of a combination of…

Natural Search Results: AKA, Organic Results. Those links to content and websites that seem to fit your search query.

Local Results: Those little map markings. Whether you’re a brick and mortar or you go to your clients/customers to render services – you can still rank in the “local results.”

Paid Ads: All around the page… on the top and down the right side you’re going to see ads. These ads are how Google/Bing/Yahoo fund their businesses. It’s not just as simple as “buying keywords.” A strategy is key.

If you search on a mobile device you’ll get the same mixture as above, but because of the smaller screen you’ll see less results.

This is the Zero-Sum game of Search Marketing.

There’s only so much space. And yes… many factors will determine if your business is visible.

The best place to start…

Sit down with your team.

If your team is small sit in front of a mirror so you can double the size of the meeting.

Ask your team.

What are we selling? What pays the bills?

Where are we selling it? What’s the geo?

Finally… Who else is trying to do the same thing?

What… Where… Who!

That’s the starting point of any SEO game-plan.

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