Yelp is Leaving Small Businesses

June 23, 2016
Mike Dolpies

Yelp Is Slowly “leaving you.”

A few weeks ago, I dropped some logical facts about Yelp.

Answered the age-old question…

“Should I advertise on Yelp, they keep calling me?”

The short answer was… “NO… don’t.” And of course there were a few “It depends.”

Now… After Yelp’s stock has gone down a ton in the last year.

They’re scratching their heads.

And it seems like they are slowly bailing on the small business world.

Meaning… they are seeing that small businesses are not getting much value from Yelp’s core product… “Advertising.” Therefor… small businesses are not re-buying their ads.

So Yelp is beginning to focus on large national advertisers.

We know why… of course… large advertisers with crazy budgets rarely track anything. They have money to spend and they spend it.

Just a little more “Yelp Gossip” for you.


Facebook Live. Facebook’s answer to live-video that we knew would be coming more than a year ago…

Well… it’s totally annoying. I need to turn off those notifications from “friends going live.”

BUT…. There’s always a but… For one of our businesses we are liking “Facebook Live” right now because Facebook is…

  1. Notifying our Business Page Followers when we are live.
  2. Giving Live Video “Organic Reach Preference.” So… unlike other Facebook business posts they will actually get through.

Last thing as you go into the weekend…

I wanted to share a recent “Poll/Study” with you.

Because I see the impact proper online marketing has had for my businesses and that of our clients over the years… I find these stats a tad crazy…

Here goes…

A Recent Study from SurePayroll that showed an alarming number of small businesses are not ecommerce ready.

In fact, a full 74 percent of small businesses say they have no ecommerce on their website and do not use their site to conduct transactions at all.

My Thoughts… This makes sense. Most small businesses that are local have no need to “sell their widgets online.” But…

We have a local insurance agent that takes payments online.

Contractors can ask for commitment payments on projects.

Fitness and Martial Arts can take trial sign ups online.

Of course… takeout and casual can take orders online.

Back to the study…

OK, it’s a relatively newer concept — ecommerce, that is — but perhaps a second alarm sounded when the same data showed that almost half of all small businesses surveyed — 42 percent, to be exact — said the Web is not really that important to their business.

And an astounding 28 percent of the small businesses asked said they didn’t even have a website.

My thoughts…That 42% is sadly aphetically INCORRECT. Online is where the eyes are.



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