A Wide Net and The Super Bowl

January 31, 2015
Mike Dolpies

Wide Net? (Super Bowl X… whatever)New Hampshire Marketing Company

At least every year we all get to remember how bad we are a Roman Numerals!

Let’s talk about something today.

I know you’ve heard this before too.

Why? Because so many marketing gurus have claimed it as their own.

It’s the whole idea of “specializing” and “niching.”

And I get it.

I’m not saying specializing is better than going wide.

And I not saying “generalizing” your business and marketing is better than specializing.

I am just saying what I always say.

Don’t just take the “guru” advice hook, line and sinker.

There are ways to cast a wide net while you specialize.

There are ways to diversify your business so you can be more stable in the long-run.

Look at the New England Patriots.

Talk about wide net.

I am guessing at some point they could have decided to be the “Boston Patriots?”

But instead – they went wide and created a fan-base throughout an entire region of the country.

So do what works for you!

And of course… enjoy the Super Bowl!

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Mike Dolpies Mike Dolpies (aka Mike D.) owns “Ocean View Publishing, LLC” - a diverse media/Internet Marketing and Consulting Company. He started his first business when he was just 18 years old. By the time he was 23 that business had generated well over a Million Dollars in sales and was consistently in the top 20% of its industry. He's the Author of 6 different books. His first book, “Motion Before Motivation, The Success Secret That Never Fails,” became a bestseller on Amazon.com He's been a guest on the Fox Morning News several times and has been written about in many newspapers. His work has also appeared on Entrepreneur.com and Fox Businsss.com

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