Domain Debacles

August 20, 2016
Mike Dolpies

Domain Debacles (Be Careful)

It’s been a while since I have been on this interweb thing.

In the business for almost 10 years.

Unfortunately, I have seen my fair share of “Domain Debacles.”

Here’s what happens…

At times, it’s discovered… and “news” to the business owner – that they… them… their business does not really “own” their domain.

As in someone else owns their web address.

The yadayada  Dot com listed on all of their printed material and tied to their online business identity is owned by someone else!

Sometimes this is not that big of an issue – if they know, like and trust the guy/girl who “owns” it.

PS – I have also seen where even “trusted” sons/daughters owning the domain are major pain in the a_ !

It is recommended they move to get the domain into their own possession.

At the end of the day – this domain is an asset of the business and should be treated as such.

Other scenarios…

Forgetting to renew a domain. UGH!

Your domain registry provider will send you notice that your domain is up for renewal.

I recommend you do a year or two at a time and set it to auto-bill to your card on file.

But if you flake and ignore this notice or you have a bad card on file that gets declined… you can be royally screwed.

Here’s what happens…

First… your website goes down (This has NOTHING to do with hosting). Email can go down too.

Then… your get a grace period where you can renew without penalty.

If you miss the boat on this – your domain goes into remission.

At this stage you have the chance to still get your domain – BUT – you end up paying a penalty. This charge can be as high as $200!

If you miss this – your domain ends up on the open market.

There are entire companies built around snagging these domains before the true owner does.

They play an odds game.

Meaning – these companies pay $15 to $20 for the domain on the open market and buy thousands of domains.

And they stick it up for sale – for much – much higher… sometimes…  thousands.

The logic is – if the real owner of the domain really values it, he/she will pay up.

And this is perfectly legal. I have heard of biz owner having to pay 5 figures to recoup their domain.

Anyway… some of this may simply not apply to you.

If anything you have some useless knowledge to sound smart at your next… backyard cookout.

Speaking of Useless Knowledge…

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