Walter White – Olivia Pope and Business Models

December 06, 2014
Mike Dolpies

What These Two TV Shows Can Teach Us About Business… this will be fun… mike dolpies online marketing cyberspace to your place

Chances are good you have watched these shows.

But did you ever think we can use them to talk about Business Models?

I don’t do a whole lot of “Business Coaching” because our online marketing business keeps me pretty busy.

Every now and then I stumble into a conversation where it’s clear the problems in the business are present because there is no clear “business model.”

I love business models.

A business model is a frame-work for doing business.

It’s your approach to things.

How you market.

What you do.

Who your customer/client is.

Who your customer/client is not.

The processes you have in place.

Your role in those processes.

I can go on.

Let’s look at two business models from pop culture TV shows.

Breaking Bad & Scandal.

Both these businesses are based on the “person” behind the business.

In every successful business “people” (YOU) are the keys to success.

Steve Jobs at Apple. Dave Thomas at Wendy’s. Elon Musk at Tesla.

But Scandal and Breaking Bad had two vastly different approaches.

Walter White had a winning formula (Colonel Sanders) that he was able “scale” via manufacturing and distribution.

His recipe was his start.

After that… his ability to get the distribution he needed and to do what he had to do to thrive in his competitive business. He became ruthless!

The business model succeeded because of the formula, the person and the sales system.

Next… Olivia Pope.

Side note: Recently (Scandal) has sorta gone off the deep end (IMHBAO).

In the beginning of the series there was always a new problem to solve.

Clients lined up for Olivia’s help.

Her business model was almost solely based on her – Making it hard for the firm to function without her.

Sure… she has a great team – but they are lost without her.

On Breaking Bad… Jesse was able to exactly replicate Walter White’s formula.

The business was more systematized.

There is really no way to replicate Olivia’s brain.

Two different business models – but each still built on personality.

Either one of these models can work depending on the business you’re in.

You may find there’s a balance you can strike between Olivia Pope and Walter White.

The key is for you to have a clear understanding of your business model.

Have fun and enjoy your week.

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