The Tipping Point for Online Reviews

May 22, 2017
Mike Dolpies

Josh Said: “OH my, I have to remember to read the reviews!”

Both my girls play AAU Basketball on a 5th/6th grade team.

Practices during the week and about five tournaments throughout the season.

The season runs from late March through early June.

It’s fun.

The girls learn a lot and really improve their game.

For some tournaments, depending on the distance, we find ourselves staying in very “middle of the road” hotels and motels. I enjoy this part actually, and especially love finding cool spots to eat and hangout.

This past weekend… we did not stay over… we just drove home as it was not the far and the Sunday game did not start too early.

But… a few of the families did stay.

And when I heard the story about the motel they stayed at I couldn’t help but laugh.

As they were telling me about this place… My question was… “Where was the chalk outline?”

One mom showed me some pictures of how dirty the place was… Ewe!

Josh, the dad of the team’s point-guard, shook his head and said…

“I have to ALWAYS remember to read the reviews…what was I thinking???”

For fun… I took a screen-shot of a couple of the reviews for you and put them below.

This conversation reminded me of a few things when it comes to online reviews and how important they are…

1-Online reviews are now at the tipping point of “standard” and “main stream.” And, really, online reviews have only taken about 10 short years to become part of our culture.

2-Tipping point because there are still people out there like Josh, who forget reviews are available to help you avoid the “Bates’ Motel.” But that number is getting smaller and smaller and soon everyone will turn to reviews.

3-In the next three years we will see the shift to online reviews being equally as powerful as a word of mouth referral for your business.

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bad reviews

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