The Three Most Expensive Words in the English Language

December 20, 2015
Mike Dolpies

The 3 Most Expensive Words

I forget where I was.

Not sure which seminar.

I remember the speaker asking us…

“Does anyone know the three most expensive words in the English language?”

Most seemed confused by this “trick question.”

The answer…

“Do It Yourself.”

I heard my CPA tell a story the other day (no names mentioned) of a situation where these people were so proud of the fact – for ten plus years they did their own taxes.

HA… each of those years they over-paid.

And now… because of time statute of limitations… they can’t even amend returns for several of those years to recoup the lost money. Ouch! That’s OK… the Feds can use it.

But, it’s not just accounting. It’s everything.

It’s when we allow small-time thinking to set in and foolishly think… “I can save a few bucks by doing it myself.”

The main issue with most DIY…is…

  • We usually don’t enjoy whatever it is we are attempting to do.
  • The time could be better spent doing things we are good at.

I recently started experimenting with hiring a driver to drive for me ,while I sit in the back of my own vehicle… Mobile Hotspot connected… and get things DONE! Reason: I am busy. I have three kids. I need to make the most of my “workday.” And while, I won’t use my driver for all driving- I will for longer trips to meetings, events and speaking engagements.

Beyond Driving…

In business… there are major trade-offs.

Because it is not just about the $ saved or spent.

Hiring the right help and expertise actually helps us get things done correctly, the first time.

This efficiency helps us get other things done in our business and recoup, plus profit on whatever we had to invest to get it done right.

And… a word of warning…. Before you “outsource” and delegate: The selection of the right individual or team to help get what you need done is important too.

As you come up on a New Year… whether you begin to get more help getting things done or not… at least get your thinking right.

I wish you a very Merry Christmas!

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