How Steve Jobs Has Helped You Grow Your Business

November 27, 2012
Mike Dolpies

This article is not 100% about Apple’s Co-Founder (may he rest in peace).

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It’s more about the impact the online world, new products/services and gadgets can have on your business and my business.

Allow me to bounce around a little…

First – How has Steve Jobs helped my business (and yours)?

Take just two inventions.

The iPad and the iPhone. Many don’t know this but the iPad was first even though the iPhone came out in 2007. Anyway…

I have an iPad 2. I love it. Yes – even more than my Kindle Fire (and I’m still a die-hard Amazon Customer and Publisher). I read a ton of business and marketing related content my iPad daily.

This material gives me ideas. Those ideas turn into actions that lead to business. Some lead to full-fledged products and services.

Example – iPad.

Currently working on a content-based app for our business. As far as the iPhone. Well – It created the demand (although, many are still clueless) for mobile websites, which we have done a bunch of in the last 18 months. Thank You iPhone!

There are more examples – but for the sake of space let’s move on…

How about Google? Google has had impact on your business and my business. I have personally worked with people all over the world because of Google. I have clients who gain new customers, members and clients of their own from Google.

There’s more on Google – But I will stop there and move on to…

Facebook. How has it impacted your business? Have those “likes” turned into members, customers and clients? With the right strategy they sure could. I’ve helped create new business from Facebook Ads and page likes. I have witnessed the power first hand.

LinkedIn?? I’m sure you’ve made some connections there – I hope!

The lesson is you can gain some value from just about any positive thing you open your mind up to and…. most importantly … use properly.


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