3 S’s

March 02, 2017
Mike Dolpies

3 S’s  – Suck Eyeballs, Suck Attention & S___


Snap, Inc.

The parent company of Snapchat just went public.

I am writing this on Thursday before the close of the market so I could be off.


Initial thoughts are Snap will be valued around 24 Billion based on the share price.

As far as the “IPO” goes…

I guess we shall see if it ends up going the way of Twitter… (Twitter stock got hammered ).

Snap, Inc. certainly has a unique place in the social media world right now.

Most of its current user growth is coming from people between the ages of 45 and 54… Interesting.

While younger demographics are declining as an overall percentage.

Should your business be on Snapchat?

I don’t know. If you have to ask that question – you have bigger problems.

NO… I am not saying you should be on there. Not saying you shouldn’t be on there either.

Just saying  – you shouldn’t have to ask whether or not you should be or shouldn’t be.  You should know.

No more shoulding.

Moving on…

It’s interesting how the most valuable companies in the world these days are simply… put…

Advertising Companies.

Google… Billions from Ads.

Facebook… the same.

Snap, Inc… will also have to do the same to become more valuable.

Think about the business model…

Suck Eyeballs…. Suck Attention and Sell Ads.

The 3 S’s…. Howboutdat?

Yesterday I was asked by a long-time SEO Client who was also considering adding our Facebook Ads Service and possibly eventually… Google Ads to his winning SEO strategy.

He said…

“Mike… I am trying to decide if we should do Facebook Ads or Google Ads, what do you think?”

My thought was…

Don’t do either if that is what you are thinking.

Of course… I was more polite…

So I said…

“You need to know Facebook Ads and Google Ads/SEO are two different animals.”

These guys dominate organic search in their area.

So a Google Ads play would be a “Power Move” to dominate more – PLUS end up on Google’s Display Network to reach even more people.

Facebook Ads will be away for them to get folks into their shop who are right now working with the competition and may never ever go an search out an alternative… Boom!

Plus… remarketing… Boom… Boom!

More on that another time.

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