Think Small to Have it All

June 02, 2013
Mike Dolpies

You’ve heard it before. new hampshire facebook ads marketing

“Think Big!”

“Have Big Dreams”

“Develop Your ‘BHAG’” (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)

There’s been plenty of books…

“The Magic of Thinking Big” and more.

For sure…

Thinking big and getting out of your comfort zone is a good thing.

Being ambitious and believing you and your business are destined for great things is no doubt one part of your success formula.

But many are let down.

Let down because all they do is “think big.”

They are too busy thinking big so they lose site of the problems and opportunities that are right in front of them. UN-realistic expectations cause failure!



Personal example? Fine…

I was once involved in a franchise relationship.

The franchise was new in a sense because it had only been in one market.

Business model proven – but greatly unproven.

The goals were BIG! National roll out. Industry Dominance. (blah – blah – blah).

New franchisees were focused on the “big picture” being painted by the CEO.

Problems? There were many.

I can’t speak details – but while the big picture was being painted nothing that had to do with the immediate needs of the business and franchisees were being met.

Contracts breached, ethics questionable and I can go on.

Had anyone bothered to read the documents most would have seen the writing on the wall. Sometimes the writing on the wall is in very small print!

In fact… my lawyer saw it – but I was too busy “thinking big” and missed some important details.

Your take-away is always balance big thinking with small details in your business and life.

Another example…

Twitter. We all know what it is.

I was reading an article about the numerous problems Twitter is facing.

Mainly… “An Identity Crisis.”

Their BIG Goal…

Twitter wants to reach everyone on planet earth.

I would say Twitter has a BHAG.

But guess what…

Twitter should be thinking smaller.

That’s right.

Twitter is NOT for everyone on the planet. Don’t you agree?

It’s clear to see. If you look at social medial stats Facebook is the closest to being for “everyone.”

LinkedIn is a good contrast. LinkedIn is for professionals. Period!

Think Small and Have it All!

Don’t get me wrong – thinking small is not about settling for less.

Thinking Small is not about being close-minded to new ideas.

Thinking Small is simply about balancing your big goals with attention to a few small items.

Have an awesome week!


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