Why Twitter is a Huge Waste of Time for Small Business Owners and One More Facebook Secret

October 08, 2013
Mike Dolpies

Before I get to why Twitter is a huge waste of time let’s add to something we talked about in my most recent blog post.

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If you remember – I was talking about Facebook’s attempt to secure your physical contact info.

In the long-run this data grab can be a good thing for businesses.

In the short-run Facebook really wants this info to get you one step closer to…

Using Facebook to “check out” when you buy things from your computer and mobile device.

Once your address, billing address and card info is stored with Facebook it will become another payment option.

On small smartphone screens this is needed (big time) because the checkout process is hindered. People don’t like punching card info into their small screen and touch keyboard.

Anyway – it is something to look out for.

OK … now onto why Twitter is a HUGE waste of time.

Several reasons…

Most Arrogantly: Because I am not a Twitter user. Ha.. Seriously… Here goes…

Twitter favors news and celebrities NOT Small Business Owners.

Twitter users care more about “current” conversation, rather than passively absorbing what friends, colleges, family and their favorite businesses are up to.

“Now, now, now” is Twitter.

The above two are validated by Twitter’s recent deal with CBS.

Did you sign up for Twitter, try it and then never go back?

Right! That would be you and few hundred million other people.

Twitter turn over is huge.

Why? Because it’s so over-whelming.

Let’s say you have 500 followers and to make things even you also follow 500 users.

Well, guess what… Twitter has no filter. It all comes through. Everything those users “tweet” shows up in your feed. It’s not like Facebook.

Facebook filters what you see with the idea to only show you what you want to see based on your previous behavior and which people and brands you interact with. That’s why Facebook users stick.

The thing is… time is limited and so is attention.

You just have to be careful about which social media platforms you choose to embrace.


Don’t listen to anything I say if you do amazingly well on Twitter!


I am not familiar with Twitter advertising options for small business owners..but if you can get their ads platform to work and bring you leads – go for it!

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