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The Independent Restaurant Owners “Wake Up Call”

New Study: “More Restaurant Searches are done on Smartphones”

“You Can Get More Guests Because of This New Trend
or Lose Out To Your Competition – The Choice Is Yours”



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Dear Independent Restaurant Owner,

My name is Mike D. and you don’t know me from Adam… but I felt COMPELLED to put this Research Report together because quite frankly…

I can’t stand to see good, hardworking restaurant owners like you struggle to stay ahead of “The Competition.” Between the well-financed chains and the new guys who pop up and take business I could only imagine how much of a pain it could be.

You Should Know Something About Me Before You Read On…

I am NOT a restaurant owner. In fact, the only thing you and I have in common is that you own an independent restaurant and I love eating at independent restaurants.

mobile websites new hampshire

I’m in the marketing business. Mobile and Internet Marketing to be exact.

What I want to talk you about is Mobile Marketing. Yes, I will show you how your restaurant can really be with your guest all the time. It’s pretty amazing and I know you’ll love it. But first we need to define the Mobile Marketing thing…

What is it??

It’s really simple. Mobile Marketing is the ability to engage your guest on that little screen. The one they carry with them all the time and are always checking. You know what I’m talking about?

There are a few ways to “practice” mobile marketing. I can’t go into all the details in this report but I did write a book on the subject here are the basics…

1- Mobile Website
2- Mobile Pages
3- Mobile Apps  (yes – your menu should be an “app” that your customers have with them all the time – I’ll explain that in a second.)
4- Text Marketing
5- Mobile Search

mobile web design new hampshireThere’s more to it. But if you narrow it down – these five are what apply to you, the restaurant owner.

So what’s the problem and why do you need this wake-up call?

Study: 95% Of Independent Restaurants Don’t Have Mobile Websites, Only 40% Have Online Menus.

Most restaurant websites built on “Flash animation” with fancy music playing upon the site’s opening may have worked 5 years ago. But not anymore!

Your visitors are mobile. They want information fast. In fact 30% of “searches” for restaurants are done on Smartphones. This number keeps rising.

It’s not just poor site layout and complicated design that makes checking out restaurant websites on the go a pain though…

According to a study by Restaurant Science, a restaurant industry information provider, only 1 out of 20 independent restaurants has a Mobile Website. Chain restaurants came out ahead with 1 in 8 having mobile sites. But it’s not the chain restaurants we are here to help. We’re here to help YOU – the Independent Restaurant!

More Bad News!

What makes this even worse is that according to some reports, half of all visits to restaurant websites are from mobile devices. Not having a mobile site may be OK for a restaurant that’s run as a hobby and not as a business but not if you’re serious about your business.

More than half of the restaurants surveyed in this study didn’t even have a website to begin with (the researchers actually called all these restaurants to make sure they really weren’t online). Hopefully you do not fall into this category. If so, stop reading and call 603-286-4864 and ask to “speak with Mike.”

Moving on…

What Do Your Potential Guests Want?

It’s called “The Moment of Truth.” There’s a potential guest checking out restaurants nearby on their smartphone.

Do you have a mobile site? Probably not! So you’ve lost them already.

Did you know…

57% of users say they won’t recommend a business with no mobile site or a poorly designed mobile site.

40% have turned to a competitor’s site after a bad “mobile experience.”

Let’s not lose out to the competition!

new hampshire mobile marketingFix this problem by creating a professional mobile site.

OK, we fixed that problem and now you have a mobile site. Let’s dig deeper.

What do your potential guests want now?? They’d love to take a look at your menu.

Do you have a “Mobile Menu?”

“What’s a Mobile Menu?” –  You ask?

It’s a menu optimized for the smartphone screen.

Really easy. On your mobile site we place a button that says “menu” – when they click it the whole menu opens up.

Guess What?

Congratulations! You now have a happy new potential guest! The research proves smartphone users who search locally also take action.

But you’re not done.

What if there was a way all of your guests could have your restaurant with them all the time?

A way that makes them immediately think of you when they’re thinking about eating out or ordering in?

new hampshire mobile websites

It’s possible when you turn your “Mobile Menu” into a “Mobile Menu App.”

Your mobile menu App will live – or in tech terms, be “native” – in their phone.

So it will become one of those little icons on their screen. All they have to do is press it and it will open your menu. Pretty slick, huh?

Your menu won’t be lost anymore! Your menu will always be “in the palm of your best customers’ hands!”

Your Mobile Menu App is the ultimate compliment to your new mobile initiative.

So what’s the game plan?

new hampshire mobile web design

3 Important Mobile Marketing
Strategies That You Can Not Ignore…

mobile websites new hampshire

Studies show…

95% of Smartphone users have searched locally.

61% Have called a business after searching.

59% Visited in person

90% of these users took some sort of action within 24 hours.

Industry case studies report increases in new guests track-able to after mobile sites have been launched and “local search marketing” has been optimized. Further… The chart below will show you the income commonalities of smartphone users across all demographics. The simple truth is people with more income tend to eat out more. The trends also point to how, regardless of income; younger generations see smartphones as a necessity.

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mobile websites new hampshire

mobile web design new hampshire

The Next Step…

Maybe you’ve heard the saying… “If you’re not moving ahead you are falling behind.”

google adwords new hampshireNot taking action on these simple mobile strategies will equal falling behind.

Don’t fall behind. Request your Complimentary, No Obligation Consultation Now.

Call us at 888-500-2365 and I’d be happy to speak with you personally. Or, you can scan the QR Code with your smartphone to hold your spot.

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Thanks for sharing your time with me,

Mike D.

Internet & Mobile Marketing Specialist for Independent Restaurants.