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“Does Your Website Rank High Enough

To Bring You The Amount of

New Clients You Deserve?”

Read this Real Quick Because You’ll Find Out…

  • How Your Business Can Dominate All Search Engines In Your Area
  • How Your Website Can Bring You New Clients & Customers 24/7

If Your Business Website is not Coming Up on the First Page of Google and Other Searches then it’s Costing You Clients & Customers! You need Search Engine Optimization.

Why not optimize your current website or let us help you put together a brand new one? Either way we’ll help your site be found by your Prospective Clients using the Latest Page 1 Search Engine Dominance Optimization Strategies.

Throughout the years Cyberspace to Your Place has tried a variety of different Search Engine Optimization solutions in order to come up with the most cost-efficient, result-driven package for small business owners. The winner is our monthly package that constantly evaluates, tests and adjusts to achieve results.

Getting ranked on the first page in a search engine like Google for your desired keywords such as “your service and your city” or “your product in your town” is not something that happens overnight – and once you are there you can get knocked off in a second. Search Engines are looking for long-term relationships not “One night stands.” Any web designer that promises you’ll be ranked overnight and will stay there without constant maintenance is lying to you!

Do you really need this? Yes, you do!!

Recent studies reveal…If you are not listed multiple times on the first page of let’s say, Google…your chances of generating new internet business declines by 90%!!

Are you coming up multiple times on the first page of search engines like Google?

Are you getting enough prospective clients visiting your website? Do you know how to tell if you are?

Are you getting at qualified leads for your business?

The goal of any local business is to steadily and consistently increase new customers. One of the best ways to do this is with a website that is optimized for Page 1 Search Engine Dominance.

We Can Help Your Business Win The Search Engine War & Virtually
Eliminate All of Your Competition!

In Addition to Dominating The Searches In Your Area You Must Have The Other Pieces of The Internet Marketing Puzzle… What are the other pieces of the puzzle? Let’s Explore…

A Website That is Customized To Your Image – Prospects can spot “Cookie-Cutter” websites a mile away. Don’t let anyone give you a “me too” site!

Compelling Marketing Messages– Your site must speak to the self-interests of your best prospects. Most Martial Arts School marketing websites leave so many new students “on the table” because their messages are poorly crafted.

A Layout That is Friendly to Your Prospects – The truth is if your site does not make sense your prospects will click off your site and keep right on going straight to your competitor.

Compelling Lead Generating Offers – Face it! Most of the prospects who stop by your site are NOT ready to join your school right away. And if you don’t have ways to capture their name, email address and other information you will lose them forever.

Squeeze Pages so you have multiple “hooks in the water” to feed your business.

There are simple ways to “fill your pipeline” with your website so you can quickly follow up, stay in touch, and turn your visitors into clients. And NO! This is not about asking people to join your “Newsletter List!” We can help you put powerful lead capture secrets to work for your business

Here’s what you get with our Premium Local Internet Marketing Dominance Program…

Prospecting Web Site – The sole purpose of your site will be to educate and ethically persuade your best prospects that your business is the right choice for them. Your website will cause your prospects to call you or leave their contact info so you can call them.
Business Blitz Blog The Business Blitz Blog is a must have within your website – this not some service, like “blogger.” It’s a custom blog that is branded and incorporated to your site.

Your Business Blitz Blog will be optimized for Search Engine Dominance and can easily be connected to all Social Media Sites. Your Business Blitz Blog will turn your website into an unstoppable machine for staying in touch with your best prospects and dominating your area.


Keyword Analysis – Your new clients are there looking for you. We’ll make sure they find your school before they find your competition.
Email Marketing – Want your prospects to remember you? Keep “top of mind awareness” with 12 months of email follow ups. All branded with your business logo and banner, contact info and links back your websites. Content is created custom for your business.
On-site Search Engine Optimization – Your site will be optimized so you rank higher than your competition in your area. This will result in added exposure and more new clients.
Google Analytic Installation – Internet Marketing for your business is not something that is done once and forgotten about. We will use the latest tools to ensure you get the most out of your investment in your Internet Marketing.
Quarterly Reporting – Like keeping score! You won’t be “in the dark.” You’ll be kept informed with these reports that are written in language you can understand.
Competitor Analysis – The competition on the web can be fierce these days. And sadly, even a competitor that is less than quality can win out over you if their internet marketing is stronger. We won’t let this happen to you. We’ll “spy” on those competitors, see what they are up to and then beat them fair and square!
Ranking Analysis – 5 keywords targeted Search Engine Optimization – This is simply a way that we expand your reach in your area and help you further dominate the web.
Up to 3 squeeze pages – We’ll work with you to develop additional pages that will keep the prospects flowing. Squeeze pages are a little known strategy that some of the best internet marketing people employ. Chances are your competitor is clueless about how these work,
30 minute monthly consultation
30 minute content editing and updates

We look forward to working with you!

Mike D. and Elsa Cordero


There are 2 Ways to Get Started….

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“Within just a couple months of my search engine campaign I had multiple listingson page one of Google. I am getting more leads and was even contacted by CNN foran interview after they found my site”

-Alan Condon, Albany New York

“Elsa is a strategic web designer. She is very knowledgeable in her field and has increased my web traffic by quadruple. I would recommend Elsa’s company to anyone who wants results in a fast and efficient manner. If your looking for a trust worthy web designer, that gets results you should consider Elsa.” -Mike Agugliaro, Owner Gold Medal Service

“Elsa designed my website and what I liked about working with her was her ability to understand what my vision was and to implement it. She has a great sense of humor, is very knowledgeable and is very personable so she was a joy to work with. I highly recommend her.”-Valerie Coward, Owner The Energie Center

“Elsa has taken our fledgeling web site and turned it into a powerhouse! She has recommended and implemented strategies to get our website to work better for us. As a result, more than half of our new clients find us online. Highly recommended!”-Lynn Jaffee, Owner Acupuncture in the Park