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Great Businesses are Built on

Strong Marketing Messages


Where can you use a strong Marketing Message?

On your website, in your emails, your newsletters, your brochures, postcards, business cards and just about anywhere you have the opportunity to communicate with your prospects and clients.

So if you don’t have the time, lack the skill or you just know that to be successful you really shouldn’t try to “do it all yourself” then maybe I can help you with your marketing messages.

Over the years I’ve written “copy” (that’s what it’s called) for my own brochures, websites, emails, postcards, sales letters and media pitches. I’ve written a few books. What I’m saying is that I’ve made a living with my written words for a while now.

I’ve helped several clients put together winning websites, brochures, postcards, sales letters and even the words for 30 second TV commercials.

Maybe I can help you with the…

“Magic Words that Can Bring You Clients & Customers?”

So if you need some help coming up with the right words for your websites, brochures, sales letters, postcards and anything else. Simply fill out the form below and we can spend a few minutes on the phone to see if we are a right fit for each other.

Keep in mind all fees for copy writing vary per project. Once we discuss your project we’ll determine what you’ll need to invest. Also be aware that 50% off the project’s fee is due when we accept you as a client.

Fill in the form below and I’ll contact you ASAP…

All the best,

Mike D.

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