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For Authors Who Are Looking to Make

Their Book an Amazon or B& Bestseller…

Please read this page only if you are an author who already has a book and are planning an “Online Bestseller Campaign”

Dear Fellow Author,

Planning your online book launch will keep you extremely busy. Finding partners to help you. Making sure all the details are in place. Staying on top of everything is a huge challenge.

I’ve done an online book launch and will be doing another one when my next book comes out. As an author myself I can empathize with the amount of work you’ve done so far to bring your book to life, congrats!! In this letter I want to talk about helping you ensure your book launch runs smooth.

One of the keys to an effective online bestseller campaign is a powerful website for your book. Once everything else is in place, your website will have to do its job of educating your prospective readers on why they should own your book. Further, your website needs to persuade them to take action now and get your book.

How your site looks, the way it flows, the words you use can all make or break your book’s campaign. I know…. It’s a lot to think about!

Let us help you take a little off your plate so you can focus on  getting as many partners as you can!

Just think about it for a second…

Beyond your website what is gonna be the biggest factor on whether your book soars to bestseller status or remains ranked in the basement?

Right! How many partners you have! The more people you have partnered with you the better.

We can help you focus on getting as many partners as you can by handling your website for you.

Here’s what I mean. We won’t simply “build a website for your book’s campaign.” We’ll build it based on what you need to make your book an online bestseller.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that the website you have for your book is being handled by someone who has been there and done that, but is still doing it. Remember, I am an author too and so is my partner! We’ll help you in 3 main areas so you can focus on the other parts of your campaign.

1- We’ll design a site that is unique to your book and your brand. We’ll host it for you if need be and even get the domain name registered if you need us to.

2- We’ll make sure the site flows. From strategically placing the “Buy Now” buttons to showing off the many bonus gifts for your big day to helping your new fans get their gifts, we’ve got you covered.

3- Copy-writing Enhancement. This is a big one! Making your book irresistible to your prospects and getting them to take action now is gonna determine your success. We’ll help you communicate to your prospective readers in a way that makes them not want to live without your book.

So to recap…

If you’re an author planning on making your book an online bestseller let us help you by taking the stress out of creating a website that really helps you get your book in to as many people’s hands as possible so you can share your message and reach your goals.

All the best,

Mike D.

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