Helps more people enjoy food and drink on the patio

May 15, 2016
Mike Dolpies

Helps more people enjoy food and drink on the patio.

I was walking down the street the other day with a friend and colleague.

He said… “Hey, you want to check out the work Kevin’s doing for the patio at Cheers?” (not in Boston)

(Kevin is someone we both know. He owns a full service landscape design company)

“Sure”… I said.

As we checked it out… I asked my friend… “Where did this lead come from?”

He said… “It came from the Google Ads campaign we have in place. This one job has paid for the campaign many times over.”

My friend also owns a digital marketing company. We do a lot of work together.

This little walk to scope out the hardscape project is a good example of what happens when a local business jumps into the online marketing game.

Being there when the prospect was searching will now help more people enjoy food and drink outside on the patio. Mission accomplished.

A recent Capital One small business survey painted a little bit of a scary picture.

Look at these stats…

(From the Study)

Business owners are still not fully capitalizing on digital, analytic and social tools.

Despite the rapid growth of new digital, mobile and social tools designed to help business owners manage, market and grow their enterprises, some business owners are still not adopting these technologies.

Only 26 percent of the SBOs who utilize social media say they are “very familiar” with the ability to leverage commerce opportunities and market products through social media.

Less than one quarter (21 percent) of business owners currently use data analytics to make more informed business decisions.

Forty percent say they do not currently utilize social media at all for their business.

What does this all mean?

Missing out is what it means.

In every shift of eyeballs comes the ability to reach your potential prospect, customer, client, member, etc without breaking the bank.

The best part about digital is how trackable it is.

We just sent out several reports to a whole bunch of clients.

These reports showed…

Keyword Rankings (Where they stand in search)

Overall web traffic. Both unique and returning.

Key stats like… bounce-rate, source of traffic and geography.

These are stats that make the next marketing decision easier.

Anyway… it starts with a quote to rebuild your website

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