The Reality of Facebook Marketing in the Business to Business World

August 25, 2014
Mike Dolpies

The Reality of B2B and B2C Marketing on Facebook and Facebook Marketing

Battle-tested methods and ideas are more useful to your business than theory. Let’s use this article to discuss the facts of both BTB and BTC marketing on Facebook. Let’s start with BTB. I often get the question…

“Can a BTB company effectively market on Facebook?”

What I have found… Yes.. BTB marketing works on Facebook if you are targeting a specific type of business. Let’s say… smaller “micro” and “solopreneurs.” If you are looking for business owners who “are” the business… they are “cook and bottle-washers” you can find them on Facebook.

By their very nature these folks do not have a staff to manage. They usually manage their own Social Media marketing. They often blur the line between business and personal on Facebook. They spend more time on Facebook. In comparison…

The “BTB Target”… the CEO, the manager and leader of larger staff is harder to reach on Facebook. The human resources department head of an organization is tough to find on Facebook. These folks usually do not manage their business Facebook Marketing. These guys and girls are hard to find on Facebook.

Next… BTB…  The “busy service professional.” Trades-people that are out there doing their jobs all day are hard to reach on Facebook. It’s all about context. Sure… all of the “targets” mentioned above are on Facebook. The challenge… they are not on Facebook wearing their business hats much. That’s why they are hard to reach via Facebook.

Speaking of reach…

As we transition into some BTC ideas it makes sense to address the idea of reach. Facebook has one of the best targeted advertising platforms on the planet. The amount of data Facebook has on its 1.3 billion plus users is staggering. What I always tell prospective clients is Facebook Marketing has two main responsibilities. Content marketing and follow acquisition.  You can’t do one without the other.

Facebook Advertising gives you the power to reach exactly who you want. If you are in the world of BTC marketing and you are selling to consumers Facebook can be very powerful. Develop a strategy that includes…

1)      Building the following of your Facebook Business Page. Sure… Organic Reach on Facebook is way down but gaining “likes” is still part of the formula for Facebook success.

2)      As you build your following you can then be selective about which content to promote to them. One of my clients has attracted almost 3000 new likes in the past year. Recently one of his posts promoting an event was shared thirty-six times. His event was filled to the max!

3)      Drive traffic to landing pages on your website for lead generation and special offers. Facebook is the king of referral traffic. That means it drives more traffic to websites than any other social media site. Facebook can drive traffic to your site too. Just be ready to capture some leads.

4)      Re-target: Facebook Advertising also gives you the power to “re-target.” That means you can place code on your landing pages and websites. When a Facebook user visits your site they will be added to a re-target list. Then you can create ads specific to the page they visited so you can try to get them back to your site and re-engaged with you. Another awesome feature of re-targeting lists is you can upload your entire email list to Facebook. Facebook will then match your email list to Facebook users and you can market to them specifically.


Apply these ideas and draw some of your own conclusions. If you want some help… gives us a shout.

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